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About KEGG Atlas

KEGG Atlas is an advanced graphical interface to explore the KEGG global maps (map numbers 01100s) and overview maps (map numbers 01200s) with capabilities to examine KEGG modules and reaction modules. The WebGL viewer is available for the cancer pathway maps (map numbers 05200's)
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The following KEGG maps are currently available in KEGG Atlas.
01100   Metabolic pathways
01110   Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
01120   Microbial metabolism in diverse environments
01200   Carbon metabolism
01210   2-Oxocarboxylic acid metabolism
01212   Fatty acid metabolism
01230   Biosynthesis of amino acids
01220   Degradation of aromatic compounds
05200's   Cancer pathway maps

Release History

KEGG Atlas v1.4 released April 1, 2014 KEGG Atlas v1.3 released October 21, 2013 KEGG Atlas v1.2 released January 1, 2012 KEGG Atlas v1.1 released July 1, 2010 KEGG Atlas v1.0 released April 1, 2009 KEGG Atlas v0.1 released January 1, 2008

Last updated: April 1, 2014