This is an addendum to KEGG API for handling drug products marketed in Japan and the USA.

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General form of the URL

URL form<operation>/<argument>/<argument2 or option>

<operation> = list | find | get | link | ddi
<argument> = <database> | <dbentries>
<database> = Database shown in Table 1

<dbentries> = <dbentry>1[+<dbentry>2...]
<dbentry> = <db:entry> | <kid>
Table 1. KEGG MEDICUS database names and entry identifiers
Database db entry
KEGG DRUG (English) drug (dr) D number
KEGG DRUG (Japanese) drug_ja (dr_ja) D number
ATC classification (English) atc ATC code
ATC classification (Japanese) atc_ja ATC code
Therapeutic category (Japanese) jtc Category number
Therapeutic category (English) jtc_en Category number
Drug products in Japan (Japanese)   yj YJ code
Drug products in USA (English) ndc National Drug Code
db: database name (abbrevaition in parentheses)
entry: entry identifier
kid: kegg identifier (D number)

See also

Drug Classification to understand the hierarchical organization of drug data in KEGG MEDICUS.
KEGG API for more details of the general form of the URL.


Entry list


list – returns a list of entry identifiers and associated definition for a given database or a given set of database entries

URL form<database>

<database> = drug | drug_ja | atc | atc_ja | jtc | jtc_en | yj | ndc<dbentries>

<dbentries> = Database entries involving the following <database>
<database> = drug | drug_ja | atc | atc_ja | jtc | jtc_en | yj | ndc


In the third form the maximun number of database entries that can be given is 100.


/list/ndc    returns the list of prescription drugs in the USA
/list/ndc:0056-0169    returns a drug product name in the USA
/list/atc    returns the list of ATC codes
/list/drug    returns the list of KEGG DRUG entries

Data search


find – finds entries with matching query keywords or other query data in a given database

URL form<database>/<query>

<database> = drug | drug_ja | atc | atc_ja | jtc | jtc_en | yj | ndc


/find/ndc/gleevec    keyword search against US drug products
/find/atc/imatinib    keyword search against ATC codes
/find/drug/imatinib    keyword search against KEGG DRUG entries

Data retrieval


get – retrieves given database entries

URL form<dbentries>[/<option>]

<dbentries> = Database entries involving the following <database>
<database> = drug | drug_ja

<option> = mol | kcf | image


/get/D01441    retrieves a KEGG DRUG entry
/get/dr:D01441    same as above

Linked entries


link – find related entries by using database cross-references

URL form<target_db>/<source_db>

<target_db> = <database>
<source_db> = <database>

<database> = drug | atc | jtc | yj | ndc<target_db>/<dbentries>

<dbentries> = Database entries involving the following <database>
<database> = drug | atc | jtc | yj | ndc


The database names "drug", "atc", and "jtc" should be used instead of "drug_ja", "atc_ja", and "jtc_en".


/link/drug/ndc    NDC codes linked from KEGG DRUG entries
/link/ndc/drug    KEGG DRUG entries linked from NDC codes
/link/drug/ndc:0056-0169    KEGG DRUG entry that corresponds to given NDC
/link/ndc/D00564    NDC codes that correspond to given KEGG DRUG entry

Drug-drug interaction search


ddi – finds drug-drug interactions associated with contraindication (CI) and precaution (P)

URL form<dbentry>

<dbentry> = Single entry involving the following <database>
<database> = drug | yj | ndc<dbentries>

<dbentries> = Multiple entries involving the following <database>
<database> = drug | yj | ndc


The database name "drug" should be used instead of "drug_ja".
In the second form, multiple entries must belong to the same database.


/ddi/D00564    drugs that are known to interact with a given drug
/ddi/D00564+D00100+D00109    checks if adverse drug-drug interactions are present among given drugs

Last updated: April 1, 2014