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Motifs : pf:CENP-B_dimerisCentromere protein B dimerisation domain
 pf:CREPTCell-cycle alteration and expression-elevated protein in tumour
 pf:CmcICephalosporin hydroxylase
 pf:DNA_pol_phiDNA polymerase phi
 pf:DUF3970Protein of unknown function (DUF3970)
 pf:DUF3991Protein of unknown function (DUF3991)
 pf:DUF4611Domain of unknown function (DUF4611)
 pf:RNA_pol_3_Rpc31DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit Rpc31
 pf:Rhabdo_ncapRhabdovirus nucleocapsid protein
 pf:SETSET domain
 pf:SOGAProtein SOGA
 pf:SnACSnf2-ATP coupling, chromatin remodelling complex
 pf:Tub_NTubby N-terminal

spu:583266 pf:SET

pss:102456135 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

sko:100372808 pf:SET

acyg:106038840 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

apla:101803754 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

tgu:100222904 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

phi:102102011 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

aam:106494860 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

gfr:102041210 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

pbi:103053694 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

clv:102091143 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

amj:102568601 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

asn:102379587 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

cpic:101950551 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

fab:101805731 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

acs:100553817 pf:SET

gga:425119 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

ccw:104692390 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

mgp:100547012 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

cjo:107314523 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

lcm:102357304 pf:SET

fch:102046441 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

fpg:101921673 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

gja:107119069 pf:SET

lcf:108894245 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

cin:100186975 pf:SET

cfa:483690 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

csem:103379016 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

sfm:108934513 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

xla:444204 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

xtr:100038141 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

ncc:104958752 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET pf:CENP-B_dimeris

obi:106875752 pf:SET

cmk:103174937 pf:SET pf:Tub_N

els:105029585 pf:SET

lav:100671600 pf:SET

phd:102331445 pf:SET

sanh:107694947 pf:SET

sgh:107583742 pf:SET

chx:102185720 pf:SET

mze:101471827 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

acep:105627042 pf:SET

dre:572849 pf:SET

nle:100583977 pf:SET

pon:100450271 pf:SET

hsa:51111 pf:SET

mcc:710481 pf:SET

sasa:106573759 pf:SET

ggo:101151252 pf:SET

pps:100995372 pf:SET

ptr:451378 pf:SET

csab:103215291 pf:SET

ecb:100053438 pf:SET

epz:103551272 pf:SET

oas:101121812 pf:SET

cmy:102946000 pf:SET

rbb:108518702 pf:SET

sbq:101053072 pf:SET

lco:104937792 pf:SET pf:Rhabdo_ncap pf:RNA_pol_3_Rpc31 pf:DNA_pol_phi

rro:104664716 pf:SET

srx:107738677 pf:SET

cdk:105104405 pf:SET

cfr:102520054 pf:SET

pale:102887326 pf:SET

tut:107371540 pf:SET

bom:102268312 pf:SET

bacu:103007228 pf:SET

mmu:225888 pf:SET

myb:102257692 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

rss:109437961 pf:SET

ssc:100521358 pf:SET

cjc:100400804 pf:SET

aec:105144221 pf:SET pf:SOGA

hai:109389302 pf:SET

myd:102762755 pf:SET

lak:106158801 pf:SET

shr:100917457 pf:SET

hgl:101719039 pf:SET pf:CREPT

aju:106971172 pf:SET

tup:102497986 pf:SET

ola:101156070 pf:SET pf:DUF4611

tru:101076428 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

eai:106844276 pf:SET

lve:103091082 pf:SET

mdo:100010281 pf:SET

aml:100468595 pf:SET

ocu:100340037 pf:SET

ipu:108271342 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET

lhu:105672756 pf:SET

rno:361688 pf:SET

fca:101094702 pf:SET

pbar:105427527 pf:SET

bter:100644080 pf:SET

ccan:109692079 pf:SET

dpx:DAPPUDRAFT_329141 pf:SET pf:CmcI

hst:105183369 pf:SET

soc:105195127 pf:SET

nvi:100122935 pf:SET

crg:105319029 pf:SET

ame:411906 pf:SET pf:SnAC pf:DUF3991

xma:102220708 pf:DUF3970 pf:SET