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Organism : Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978
Gene : A1S_2715
Definition : 2-oxoglutarate decarboxylase component of the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (E1); K00164 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 component [EC:]
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:2-oxogl_dehyd_N1450 3.3e-14-
pf:E1_dh212515Dehydrogenase E1 component 3e-52-
pf:Transket_pyr593787Transketolase, pyrimidine binding domain 7.9e-64-
pf:OxoGdeHyase_C791935 8e-51-
pf:Lipid_DES856871Sphingolipid Delta4-desaturase (DES) 0.36-

acb:A1S_2715 pf:2-oxogl_dehyd_N pf:E1_dh pf:Transket_pyr pf:OxoGdeHyase_C pf:Lipid_DES

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