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Organism : Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)
Gene : Dmel_CG1842
Definition : Dhc98D; Dynein heavy chain at 89D (EC:; K10408 dynein heavy chain, axonemal
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:DHC_N1516977Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 1 4.5e-66-
pf:DHC_N110681242Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 1 8.9e-13-
pf:DHC_N217902195Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 2 4.5e-130-
pf:AAA_623322559Hydrolytic ATP binding site of dynein motor region D1 1.6e-89-
pf:AAA_523692489AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 0.0099-
pf:AAA23692399ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 0.59-
pf:T2SSE26232665 0.35-
pf:PhoH26352738PhoH-like protein 0.06-
pf:AAA_2226422713 0.33-
pf:AAA_1926442682 0.51-
pf:AAA_526462781AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 0.00026-
pf:AAA_729683238P-loop containing dynein motor region D3 6.4e-55-
pf:AAA_530003139AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 0.0019-
pf:AAA_833733638P-loop containing dynein motor region D4 7.5e-74-
pf:AAA_534033449AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 0.078-
pf:MT36513981Microtubule-binding stalk of dynein motor 3.2e-39-
pf:AAA_940064228ATP-binding dynein motor region D5 7.4e-86-
pf:Dynein_heavy43675068Dynein heavy chain and region D6 of dynein motor 2.5e-222-

dme:Dmel_CG1842 pf:DHC_N1 pf:DHC_N1 pf:DHC_N2 pf:AAA_6 pf:AAA_5 pf:AAA pf:T2SSE pf:PhoH pf:AAA_22 pf:AAA_19 pf:AAA_5 pf:AAA_7 pf:AAA_5 pf:AAA_8 pf:AAA_5 pf:MT pf:AAA_9 pf:Dynein_heavy

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