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Organism : Homo sapiens (human)
Gene : 116519
Definition : K09025 apolipoprotein A-V | (RefSeq) APOA5, APOAV, RAP3; apolipoprotein A5
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Exonuc_VII_L47158Exonuclease VII, large subunit 0.68-
pf:Apolipoprotein60261Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E domain 7.1e-58-
pf:DUF166492154Protein of unknown function (DUF1664) 0.47-
pf:YtxH92151YtxH-like protein 0.8-
pf:DUF353895118Domain of unknown function (DUF3538) 0.77-
pf:TraC_F_IV180265F pilus assembly Type-IV secretion system for plasmid transfer 0.13-
pf:DUF479203261Protein of unknown function, DUF479 0.57-
pf:Exonuc_VII_L213345Exonuclease VII, large subunit 0.19-
pf:Apolipoprotein273316Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E domain 0.99-

hsa:116519 pf:Exonuc_VII_L pf:Apolipoprotein pf:DUF1664 pf:YtxH pf:DUF3538 pf:TraC_F_IV pf:DUF479 pf:Exonuc_VII_L pf:Apolipoprotein

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