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Organism : Pelobacter carbinolicus
Gene : Pcar_0686
Definition : tuf-2; translation elongation factor Tu; K02358 elongation factor Tu
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:GTP_EFTU10206Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain 1.3e-59-
pf:MMR_HSR115131GTPase of unknown function 0.00012-
pf:cobW90157CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain 0.016-
pf:DUF25896151Protein of unknown function, DUF258 0.059-
pf:GTP_EFTU_D2230298Elongation factor Tu domain 2 2.1e-16-
pf:GTP_EFTU_D3303397Elongation factor Tu C-terminal domain 2.9e-33-

pca:Pcar_0686 pf:GTP_EFTU pf:MMR_HSR1 pf:cobW pf:DUF258 pf:GTP_EFTU_D2 pf:GTP_EFTU_D3

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