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Organism : Pelobacter propionicus
Gene : Ppro_2167
Definition : phosphoenolpyruvate phosphomutase; K01841 phosphoenolpyruvate phosphomutase [EC:]
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:PEP_mutase8253 4.2e-72-
pf:Diphthamide_syn66110Putative diphthamide synthesis protein 0.54-
pf:ICL78141Isocitrate lyase family 7.1e-05-
pf:PA125214PA domain 0.068-
pf:Peripla_BP_1160215Periplasmic binding proteins and sugar binding domain of LacI family 0.82-

ppd:Ppro_2167 pf:PEP_mutase pf:Diphthamide_syn pf:ICL pf:PA pf:Peripla_BP_1

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