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Organism : Pseudomonas putida ND6
Gene : YSA_10746
Definition : ATP-dependent DNA ligase; K01971 bifunctional non-homologous end joining protein LigD [EC:]
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:LigD_N38142 2.4e-43-
pf:DNA_ligase_A_M225399ATP dependent DNA ligase domain 9.7e-31-
pf:mRNA_cap_enzyme237343mRNA capping enzyme, catalytic domain 0.019-
pf:DUF3473319355Domain of unknown function (DUF3473) 0.12-
pf:DNA_ligase_A_C418514ATP dependent DNA ligase C terminal region 1.2e-27-
pf:DNA_primase_S670781Eukaryotic and archaeal DNA primase small subunit 0.00026-

ppi:YSA_10746 pf:LigD_N pf:DNA_ligase_A_M pf:mRNA_cap_enzyme pf:DUF3473 pf:DNA_ligase_A_C pf:DNA_primase_S

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