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Organism : Pan paniscus (bonobo)
Gene : 100977351
Definition : LIG3; ligase III, DNA, ATP-dependent; K10776 DNA ligase 3 [EC:]
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:zf-PARP105190Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase and DNA-Ligase Zn-finger region 4.6e-23-
pf:DNA_ligase_A_N270444DNA ligase N terminus 1.4e-50-
pf:FAD_binding_1326418FAD binding domain 0.15-
pf:Sec1344453Sec1 family 0.15-
pf:Synaptonemal_3452527 0.014-
pf:DNA_ligase_A_M492686ATP dependent DNA ligase domain 3.5e-60-
pf:DUF3195599658Protein of unknown function (DUF3195) 0.16-
pf:mRNA_cap_enzyme601641mRNA capping enzyme, catalytic domain 0.054-
pf:DNA_ligase_A_C714823ATP dependent DNA ligase C terminal region 2.4e-18-

pps:100977351 pf:zf-PARP pf:DNA_ligase_A_N pf:FAD_binding_1 pf:Sec1 pf:Synaptonemal_3 pf:DNA_ligase_A_M pf:DUF3195 pf:mRNA_cap_enzyme pf:DNA_ligase_A_C

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