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Organism : Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast)
Gene : SPAC23D3.14c
Definition : K01176 alpha-amylase [EC:] | (RefSeq) aah2; alpha-amylase 2
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Alpha-amylase66369Alpha amylase, catalytic domain 9.2e-52-
pf:DUF497690163Domain of unknown function (DUF4976) 0.32-
pf:RHD3100223Root hair defective 3 GTP-binding protein (RHD3) 0.082-
pf:DUF1966421497Domain of unknown function (DUF1966) 3.8e-06-

spo:SPAC23D3.14c pf:Alpha-amylase pf:DUF4976 pf:RHD3 pf:DUF1966

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