Therapeutic Category of Drugs in Japan

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 1  Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs
 2  Agents affecting individual organs
 3  Agents affecting metabolism
 4  Agents affecting cellular function
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
 6  Agents against pathologic organisms and parasites
 7  Agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
 8  Narcotics
   81  Alkaloidal narcotics
     811  Opium alkaloids
       8111  Opium
       8112  Opiates
       8113  Opiate tinctures and extracts
       8114  Morphines
       8115  Codeines
       8119  Others
         D00839  Hydromorphone hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
         D02175  Compound oxycodone (JP17)
         D05462  Oxycodone hydrochloride hydrate (JP17)
         D01496  Oxymetebanol (JAN); Drotebanol (INN)
         D03445  Opium alkaloids hydrochlorides (JP17)
         D03863  Opium alkaloids and atropine (JP17)
         D03866  Opium alkaloids and scopolamine (JP17); Weak opium alkaloids and scopolamine (JP17)
         D03869  Opium ipecac (JP17)
     812  Coca alkaloids
     819  Miscellaneous
   82  Non-alkaloidal narcotics
   89  Other narcotics

Last updated: July 9, 2020
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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