K09091                      KO                                     

hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
ko04330  Notch signaling pathway
ko05165  Human papillomavirus infection
ko05200  Pathways in cancer
ko05224  Breast cancer
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
  09132 Signal transduction
   04330 Notch signaling pathway
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
 09160 Human Diseases
  09161 Cancer: overview
   05200 Pathways in cancer
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
  09162 Cancer: specific types
   05224 Breast cancer
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
  09172 Infectious disease: viral
   05165 Human papillomavirus infection
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03000 Transcription factors
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
Transcription factors [BR:ko03000]
 Eukaryotic type
  Basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH)
   Hairy, Hairy/E(SPL)
    K09091  HEY; hairy and enhancer of split related with YRPW motif
HSA: 23462(HEY1) 23493(HEY2) 26508(HEYL)
PTR: 464248(HEY1) 472118(HEY2) 746218(HEYL)
PPS: 100984313(HEY1) 100986179(HEY2) 100993225(HEYL)
GGO: 101129430(HEY2) 101140531(HEY1) 101148344(HEYL)
PON: 100172222(HEY1) 100444303(HEYL) 100448422(HEY2)
NLE: 100580851(HEY1) 100587093(HEY2) 100602780(HEYL)
MCC: 699385(HEY1) 712988(HEY2) 716117(HEYL)
MCF: 102121748(HEY2) 102133602(HEYL) 102137167(HEY1)
CSAB: 103225053(HEYL) 103237011(HEY1) 103240422(HEY2)
RRO: 104654874(HEYL) 104660010(HEY2) 104674230(HEY1)
RBB: 108517062(HEYL) 108522667(HEY2) 108534470(HEY1)
CJC: 100389602(HEY1) 100395441(HEY2) 100399453(HEYL)
SBQ: 101041773(HEYL) 101047640(HEY1) 101050354(HEY2)
MMU: 15213(Hey1) 15214(Hey2) 56198(Heyl)
MCAL: 110291303(Hey1) 110293246(Heyl) 110303306(Hey2)
MPAH: 110320084(Hey1) 110323441(Heyl) 110338033(Hey2)
RNO: 155430(Hey2) 155437(Hey1) 313575(Heyl)
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LCM: 102346312(HEY2) 102349636(HEYL) 102352589(HEY1)
BFO: 118404227
CIN: 778639
SPU: 578414
SKO: 100303559(HEY-like) 100373682
DME: Dmel_CG11194(Hey)
DER: 6542436
DSE: 6608099
DSI: Dsimw501_GD10200(Dsim_GD10200)
DAN: 6494085
DSR: 110182955
DPE: 6590127
DMN: 108160987
DWI: 6640013
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OBO: 105276543
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ATD: 109598091
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CLEC: 106671970
ZNE: 110839430
FCD: 110847018
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TSP: Tsp_06871
PCAN: 112562885
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OBI: 106867344
LAK: 106176735
EGL: EGR_05731
NVE: 5514338
EPA: 110250753
PDAM: 113675932
SPIS: 111341758
AQU: 100640672
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Leimeister C, Externbrink A, Klamt B, Gessler M
Hey genes: a novel subfamily of hairy- and Enhancer of split related genes specifically expressed during mouse embryogenesis.
Mech Dev 85:173-7 (1999)

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