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H01745                      Disease                                

Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome
Noonan syndrome and related disorders [DS:H00523]
Cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) syndrome is a congenital disorder characterized by short stature, a characteristic face, cardiac defects, developmental delay and mental retardation. Affected individuals present with ectodermal abnormalities such as sparse, friable hair, hyperkeratotic skin lesions and a generalized ichthyosis-like condition. Typical facial characteristics include high forehead, down-slanting palpebral fissures, a depressed nasal bridge, and posteriorly angulated ears. CFC can be caused by mutations in BRAF, KRAS, MEK1, and MEK2, encoding components of the RAS-MAPK pathway.
Congenital malformation
Human diseases [BR:br08402]
 Congenital malformations
  Other congenital malformations
   H01745  Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome
Human diseases in ICD-11 classification [BR:br08403]
 20 Developmental anomalies
  Multiple developmental anomalies or syndromes
   LD2F  Syndromes with multiple structural anomalies, without predominant body system involvement
    H01745  Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome
BRITE hierarchy
hsa04010  MAPK signaling pathway
(CFC1) BRAF [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
(CFC2) KRAS [HSA:3845] [KO:K07827]
(CFC3) MAP2K1 [HSA:5604] [KO:K04368]
(CFC4) MAP2K2 [HSA:5605] [KO:K04369]
Other DBs
ICD-11: LD2F.1Y
ICD-10: Q87.8
MeSH: C535579
OMIM: 115150 615278 615279 615280
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Mutation and phenotypic spectrum in patients with cardio-facio-cutaneous and Costello syndrome.
Clin Genet 73:62-70 (2008)
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