EC                 Enzyme                                 

S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase;
Carbon-sulfur lyases;
Carbon-sulfur lyases (only sub-subclass identified to date)
S-(5-deoxy-D-ribos-5-yl)-L-homocysteine L-homocysteine-lyase [(4S)-4,5-dihydroxypentan-2,3-dione-forming]
S-(5-deoxy-D-ribos-5-yl)-L-homocysteine = L-homocysteine + (4S)-4,5-dihydroxypentan-2,3-dione [RN:R01291]
S-(5-deoxy-D-ribos-5-yl)-L-homocysteine [CPD:C03539]
L-homocysteine [CPD:C00155];
(4S)-4,5-dihydroxypentane-2,3-dione [CPD:C11838]
Contains Fe2+. The 4,5-dihydroxypentan-2,3-dione formed spontaneously cyclizes and combines with borate to form an autoinducer (AI-2) in the bacterial quorum-sensing mechanism, which is used by many bacteria to control gene expression in response to cell density [2].
EC created 2004
ec00270  Cysteine and methionine metabolism
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
K07173  S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase
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BLN: Blon_2000
BLF: BLIF_0476
BLL: BLJ_0536
BLB: BBMN68_914(luxS)
BLM: BLLJ_0459
BLG: BIL_13850
BAD: BAD_0493
BLA: BLA_1115
BBB: BIF_01888
BBC: BLC1_0558
BLV: BalV_0561
BLW: W7Y_0586
BLS: W91_0606(luxS)
BANI: Bl12_0543
BANL: BLAC_02950
BANM: EN10_02970
BDE: BDP_0675(luxS)
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BBP: BBPR_1341(luxS)
BBI: BBIF_1299(luxS)
BBF: BBB_1321(luxS)
BBV: HMPREF9228_1355(luxS)
BBRU: Bbr_0541(luxS)
BBRE: B12L_0459
BBRV: B689b_0519
BBRJ: B7017_0494
BBRC: B7019_0501
BBRN: B2258_0493
BBRS: BS27_0532(luxS)
BTP: D805_1233
BKS: BBKW_0518
BPSP: AH67_03215
GVG: HMPREF0421_20913(luxS)
GVA: HMPREF0424_1054(luxS)
GVH: HMPREF9231_0657(luxS)
CBAC: JI75_05250
OLS: Olsu_1458
PCAT: Pcatena_06890(luxS)
DRA: DR_2387
DGE: Dgeo_2248
DDR: Deide_01300(luxS)
DGO: DGo_CA2807(luxS)
DFC: DFI_12210
DGA: DEGR_00770(luxS)
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TTH: TT_C1186(luxS)
TSC: TSC_c19330(luxS)
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BBU: BB_0377(luxS)
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BGB: KK9_0381
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BAFE: BAFK78_369
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BHR: BH0377
BDU: BDU_372
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BCW: Q7M_384
BMIY: RJ61_01815
BPAK: X966_01865
BANE: N187_01800
TAZ: TREAZ_2477(luxS)
TPI: TREPR_3176(luxS)
LBA: Lebu_1770
BUN: Bun01g_05540(luxS)
BVU: BVU_0895
PGI: PG_0498(luxS)
PGN: PGN_1474
PGT: PGTDC60_1614(luxS)
PRU: PRU_0125(luxS)
PMZ: HMPREF0659_A7345(luxS)
PDN: HMPREF9137_2053(luxS)
PIT: PIN17_A1913(luxS)
POC: NCTC13071_02429(luxS)
BACC: BRDCF_p191(luxS)
STHA: NCTC11429_04165(luxS)
COC: Coch_1216
FBU: UJ101_01197(luxS)
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1  [PMID:12705835]
Zhu J, Dizin E, Hu X, Wavreille AS, Park J, Pei D.
S-Ribosylhomocysteinase (LuxS) is a mononuclear iron protein.
Biochemistry 42:4717-26 (2003)
2  [PMID:11544353]
Miller MB, Bassler BL.
Quorum sensing in bacteria.
Annu Rev Microbiol 55:165-99 (2001)
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