K06732                      KO                                     
CDCP1, CD318
CUB domain-containing protein 1
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04090 CD molecules
    K06732  CDCP1, CD318; CUB domain-containing protein 1
CD molecules [BR:ko04090]
  K06732  CD318, CDCP1; CUB domain-containing protein 1
HSA: 64866(CDCP1)
PTR: 739085(CDCP1)
PPS: 100980304(CDCP1)
GGO: 101139985(CDCP1)
PON: 100450442(CDCP1)
NLE: 100604377
MCC: 714333(CDCP1)
MCF: 102129146(CDCP1)
CSAB: 103227513(CDCP1)
CATY: 105573583(CDCP1)
PANU: 101015538(CDCP1)
TGE: 112619621(CDCP1)
RRO: 104670990(CDCP1)
RBB: 108532299(CDCP1)
TFN: 117084014(CDCP1)
PTEH: 111555582(CDCP1)
CJC: 100394195(CDCP1)
SBQ: 101049876(CDCP1)
CSYR: 103273940(CDCP1)
MMUR: 105874459(CDCP1)
LCAT: 123623375(CDCP1)
OGA: 100944744(CDCP1)
MMU: 109332(Cdcp1)
MCAL: 110302232(Cdcp1)
MPAH: 110328241(Cdcp1)
RNO: 301082(Cdcp1)
MCOC: 116073149(Cdcp1)
MUN: 110563935(Cdcp1)
CGE: 100760890(Cdcp1)
MAUA: 101832747(Cdcp1)
PLEU: 114707681(Cdcp1)
MORG: 121464139(Cdcp1)
AAMP: 119809488(Cdcp1)
NGI: 103747181(Cdcp1)
HGL: 101700801(Cdcp1)
CPOC: 100716671(Cdcp1)
CCAN: 109697735(Cdcp1)
DORD: 105996252(Cdcp1)
DSP: 122095657(Cdcp1)
NCAR: 124969505
OCU: 100347983(CDCP1)
OPI: 101527788(CDCP1)
TUP: 102490778(CDCP1)
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CDK: 105091300(CDCP1)
VPC: 102529365(CDCP1)
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DRE: 541520(cdcp1a) 560859(cdcp1b)
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AANG: 118228890 118232842(cdcp1b)
LOC: 102698429(cdcp1)
LCM: 102350715(CDCP1)
CMK: 103183956
RTP: 109928549(cdcp1)
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Scherl-Mostageer M, Sommergruber W, Abseher R, Hauptmann R, Ambros P, Schweifer N
Identification of a novel gene, CDCP1, overexpressed in human colorectal cancer.
Oncogene 20:4402-8 (2001)

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