K17965                      KO                                     

nuclear receptor-interacting protein 1
H01867  Congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03029 Mitochondrial biogenesis
    K17965  NRIP1; nuclear receptor-interacting protein 1
Mitochondrial biogenesis [BR:ko03029]
 Mitochondrial quality control factors
  Regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis
   Other regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis
    K17965  NRIP1; nuclear receptor-interacting protein 1
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 8204(NRIP1)
PTR: 474071(NRIP1)
PPS: 100987796(NRIP1)
GGO: 101142404(NRIP1)
PON: 100457792(NRIP1)
NLE: 100607464(NRIP1)
MCC: 693866(NRIP1)
MCF: 102147241(NRIP1)
CSAB: 103218226(NRIP1)
RRO: 104672375(NRIP1)
RBB: 108515498(NRIP1)
CJC: 100393266(NRIP1)
SBQ: 101049613(NRIP1)
MMU: 268903(Nrip1)
MCAL: 110311926(Nrip1)
MPAH: 110329749(Nrip1)
RNO: 304157(Nrip1)
MUN: 110556316(Nrip1)
CGE: 100765412(Nrip1)
NGI: 103746858 103749713(Nrip1)
HGL: 101713774(Nrip1)
CCAN: 109701289(Nrip1)
OCU: 100348085(NRIP1)
TUP: 102499478(NRIP1)
CFA: 478385(NRIP1)
VVP: 112917658(NRIP1)
AML: 100466389(NRIP1)
UMR: 103673043(NRIP1)
UAH: 113245710(NRIP1)
ORO: 101368655(NRIP1)
ELK: 111151172
FCA: 101091722(NRIP1)
PTG: 102961883(NRIP1)
PPAD: 109277833(NRIP1)
AJU: 106974551(NRIP1)
BTA: 524960(NRIP1)
BOM: 102281565(NRIP1)
BIU: 109560524(NRIP1)
BBUB: 102393858(NRIP1)
CHX: 102178209(NRIP1)
OAS: 101117463(NRIP1)
SSC: 106505834(NRIP1)
CFR: 102514812(NRIP1)
CDK: 105086824(NRIP1)
BACU: 103020989(NRIP1)
LVE: 103085417(NRIP1)
OOR: 101286841(NRIP1)
DLE: 111176126(NRIP1)
PCAD: 102989865(NRIP1)
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EPZ: 103549056(NRIP1)
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MNA: 107528612(NRIP1)
HAI: 109396364(NRIP1)
DRO: 112310024(NRIP1)
PALE: 102897898(NRIP1)
RAY: 107520349(NRIP1)
MJV: 108397775(NRIP1)
LAV: 100659247(NRIP1)
TMU: 101355578
MDO: 100012087(NRIP1)
SHR: 100926750(NRIP1)
PCW: 110200862(NRIP1)
OAA: 100080724(NRIP1)
GGA: 101749375(NRIP1)
MGP: 100545865(NRIP1)
CJO: 107322394(NRIP1)
NMEL: 110401814(NRIP1)
APLA: 101794712(NRIP1)
ACYG: 106040451(NRIP1)
TGU: 100218466(NRIP1)
LSR: 110471626(NRIP1)
SCAN: 103818347(NRIP1)
GFR: 102038802(NRIP1)
FAB: 101814131(NRIP1)
PHI: 102104705(NRIP1)
PMAJ: 107209955(NRIP1)
CCAE: 111941285(NRIP1)
CCW: 104689425(NRIP1)
ETL: 114058550(NRIP1)
FPG: 101922509(NRIP1)
FCH: 102053490(NRIP1)
CLV: 102094071(NRIP1)
EGZ: 104128204(NRIP1)
NNI: 104023343(NRIP1)
ACUN: 113478025(NRIP1)
PADL: 103920127(NRIP1)
AAM: 106489409(NRIP1)
ASN: 102378528(NRIP1)
AMJ: 102560758(NRIP1)
PSS: 102457247(NRIP1)
CMY: 102933048(NRIP1)
CPIC: 101941766(NRIP1)
ACS: 100567085(nrip1)
PVT: 110074815(NRIP1)
PBI: 103062928(NRIP1)
PMUR: 107285597(NRIP1)
TSR: 106550976(NRIP1)
PMUA: 114595995(NRIP1)
GJA: 107113043(NRIP1)
XLA: 108707906(nrip1.L) 399072(nrip1.S)
XTR: 100037834(nrip1)
NPR: 108794152(NRIP1)
DRE: 100001853(nrip1b) 796407(nrip1a)
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ONL: 100710328(nrip1)
OLA: 101157636(nrip1)
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XCO: 114153473(nrip1)
PRET: 103476149(nrip1)
CVG: 107087889(nrip1)
NFU: 107385986(nrip1)
KMR: 108249575(nrip1)
ALIM: 106530917(nrip1)
AOCE: 111576033(nrip1)
CSEM: 103394793(nrip1)
POV: 109628661(nrip1)
LCF: 108893699(nrip1)
SDU: 111222266(nrip1)
SLAL: 111663533(nrip1)
HCQ: 109507978(nrip1)
BPEC: 110169056(nrip1)
MALB: 109972888(nrip1)
OTW: 112228590 112257814(nrip1)
SALP: 111950686(nrip1)
ELS: 105010968(nrip1)
SFM: 108921764 108932441(nrip1)
PKI: 111856404(nrip1) 111860889
LCM: 102353693(NRIP1)
RTP: 109919035(nrip1)
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Chen Y, Wang Y, Chen J, Chen X, Cao W, Chen S, Xu S, Huang H, Liu P
Roles of transcriptional corepressor RIP140 and coactivator PGC-1alpha in energy state of chronically infarcted rat hearts and mitochondrial function of cardiomyocytes.
Mol Cell Endocrinol 362:11-8 (2012)
Teyssier C, Belguise K, Galtier F, Cavailles V, Chalbos D
Receptor-interacting protein 140 binds c-Jun and inhibits estradiol-induced activator protein-1 activity by reversing glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 effect.
Mol Endocrinol 17:287-99 (2003)
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