K22869                      KO                                     
WD repeat-containing protein 60
H00511  Short rib-polydactyly syndrome
H02157  Short-rib thoracic dysplasia
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   03037 Cilium and associated proteins
    K22869  WDR60; WD repeat-containing protein 60
Cilium and associated proteins [BR:ko03037]
 Primary cilia and associated proteins
  Dynein and associated proteins
   K22869  WDR60; WD repeat-containing protein 60
Other DBs
GO: 0045503 0045504
HSA: 55112(DYNC2I1)
PTR: 107976013(DYNC2I1)
PPS: 100976450(DYNC2I1)
GGO: 101129318(DYNC2I1)
PON: 100441191(DYNC2I1)
PPYG: 129040549(DYNC2I1)
NLE: 100579360(WDR60)
HMH: 116809377(DYNC2I1)
SSYN: 129476883(DYNC2I1)
MCC: 705405(WDR60)
MCF: 102130071(DYNC2I1)
MTHB: 126951529
MNI: 105474987(WDR60)
CSAB: 103227321(WDR60)
CATY: 105591475(WDR60)
PANU: 100999054(WDR60)
TGE: 112621541(WDR60)
MLEU: 105546884(WDR60)
RRO: 104671757(WDR60)
RBB: 108521702(WDR60)
TFN: 117073760(WDR60)
PTEH: 111535773(WDR60)
CANG: 105511483(WDR60)
CJC: 103794920(DYNC2I1)
SBQ: 101038103(WDR60)
CIMI: 108296709(DYNC2I1)
ANAN: 105712300(DYNC2I1)
CSYR: 103269583(WDR60)
MMUR: 105883243(WDR60)
LCAT: 123647170(DYNC2I1)
PCOQ: 105821402(WDR60)
OGA: 100958879(WDR60)
MMU: 217935(Dync2i1)
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MPAH: 110324294(Wdr60)
RNO: 314523(Dync2i1)
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PLEU: 114701019(Dync2i1)
MORG: 121438618(Dync2i1)
MFOT: 126487834
AAMP: 119819150(Dync2i1)
NGI: 103734169(Wdr60)
HGL: 101713292(Wdr60)
CPOC: 100725115(Wdr60)
CCAN: 109700154(Wdr60)
DORD: 105998813(Wdr60)
DSP: 122126418(Dync2i1)
PLOP: 125347361(Dync2i1)
NCAR: 124990408
MMMA: 107156335(Dync2i1)
OCU: 100351166(DYNC2I1)
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SPAR: SPRG_19038
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McInerney-Leo AM, Schmidts M, Cortes CR, Leo PJ, Gener B, Courtney AD, Gardiner B, Harris JA, Lu Y, Marshall M, Scambler PJ, Beales PL, Brown MA, Zankl A, Mitchison HM, Duncan EL, Wicking C
Short-rib polydactyly and Jeune syndromes are caused by mutations in WDR60.
Am J Hum Genet 93:515-23 (2013)

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