K24168                      KO                                     
armadillo repeat-containing protein 12
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04990 Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified
    K24168  ARMC12; armadillo repeat-containing protein 12
Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified [BR:ko04990]
 Other domain-containing proteins
  Armadillo repeat domain-containing proteins
   K24168  ARMC12; armadillo repeat-containing protein 12
HSA: 221481(ARMC12)
PTR: 747649(ARMC12)
PPS: 100986230(ARMC12)
GGO: 101145080(ARMC12)
PON: 100447560(ARMC12)
NLE: 100592181(ARMC12)
MCC: 718882(ARMC12)
MCF: 102120496(ARMC12)
CSAB: 103221606(ARMC12)
CATY: 105592818(ARMC12)
PANU: 101020897(ARMC12)
TGE: 112623158(ARMC12)
RRO: 104682861(ARMC12)
RBB: 108528303(ARMC12)
TFN: 117087110(ARMC12)
PTEH: 111542966(ARMC12)
CJC: 100413650(ARMC12)
SBQ: 101034800(ARMC12)
CSYR: 103276144(ARMC12)
MMUR: 105861433(ARMC12)
LCAT: 123632860(ARMC12)
OGA: 100954300(ARMC12)
MMU: 67645(Armc12)
MCAL: 110284000(Armc12)
MPAH: 110338510(Armc12)
RNO: 294301(Armc12)
MCOC: 116074427(Armc12)
MUN: 110544047(Armc12)
CGE: 100760615(Armc12)
MAUA: 101822795(Armc12)
PLEU: 114706166(Armc12)
MORG: 121435520(Armc12)
AAMP: 119823858(Armc12)
NGI: 103739665(Armc12)
HGL: 101719935(Armc12)
CPOC: 100730656(Armc12)
CCAN: 109689853(Armc12)
DORD: 105995760(Armc12)
DSP: 122111489(Armc12)
NCAR: 124988444
OCU: 100338411(ARMC12)
OPI: 101523867(ARMC12)
TUP: 102493071(ARMC12)
CFA: 474886(ARMC12)
CLUD: 112641471(ARMC12)
VVP: 112913927(ARMC12)
VLG: 121471396(ARMC12)
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UMR: 103665454(ARMC12)
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ELK: 111152213
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FCA: 101099963(ARMC12)
PYU: 121029342(ARMC12)
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PTG: 102969476(ARMC12)
PPAD: 109271506(ARMC12)
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ODA: 120870216(ARMC12)
CCAD: 122430090(ARMC12)
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CFR: 102507427(ARMC12)
CBAI: 105064182(ARMC12)
CDK: 105101425(ARMC12)
VPC: 102542532(ARMC12)
BACU: 103010953(ARMC12)
LVE: 103076599(ARMC12)
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DLE: 111178730(ARMC12)
PCAD: 102995647(ARMC12)
PSIU: 116762324(ARMC12)
ECB: 100053594(ARMC12)
EPZ: 103567486(ARMC12)
EAI: 106824531(ARMC12)
MYB: 102261347(ARMC12)
MYD: 102754052(ARMC12)
MMYO: 118660576(ARMC12)
MLF: 102441459(ARMC12)
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TMU: 101350815
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MDO: 100028594(ARMC12)
GAS: 123246381(ARMC12) 123254833
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AMJ: 102565325(ARMC12)
CPOO: 109317497(ARMC12)
GGN: 109295409(ARMC12)
PSS: 102448306(ARMC12)
CMY: 102935094(ARMC12)
CPIC: 101940609(ARMC12)
TST: 117876850(ARMC12)
CABI: 116839163(ARMC12)
MRV: 120404686(ARMC12)
ACS: 100551564 100552880(armc12)
PVT: 110079865(ARMC12) 110081307
SUND: 121927626 121928354(ARMC12)
PMUR: 107284525 114922962(ARMC12)
TSR: 106539153(ARMC12)
PGUT: 117664008 117664016(ARMC12)
VKO: 123024276 123024294(ARMC12)
ZVI: 118088106(ARMC12) 118089103
STOW: 125432935(ARMC12) 125433367
ARUT: 117435666
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Li D, Song H, Mei H, Fang E, Wang X, Yang F, Li H, Chen Y, Huang K, Zheng L, Tong Q
Armadillo repeat containing 12 promotes neuroblastoma progression through interaction with retinoblastoma binding protein 4.
Nat Commun 9:2829 (2018)

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