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DNA replication - Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1
A complex network of interacting proteins and enzymes is required for DNA replication. Generally, DNA replication follows a multistep enzymatic pathway. At the DNA replication fork, a DNA helicase (DnaB or MCM complex) precedes the DNA synthetic machinery and unwinds the duplex parental DNA in cooperation with the SSB or RPA. On the leading strand, replication occurs continuously in a 5 to 3 direction, whereas on the lagging strand, DNA replication occurs discontinuously by synthesis and joining of short Okazaki fragments. In prokaryotes, the leading strand replication apparatus consists of a DNA polymerase (pol III core), a sliding clamp (beta), and a clamp loader (gamma delta complex). The DNA primase (DnaG) is needed to form RNA primers. Normally, during replication of the lagging-strand DNA template, an RNA primer is removed either by an RNase H or by the 5 to 3 exonuclease activity of DNA pol I, and the DNA ligase joins the Okazaki fragments. In eukaryotes, three DNA polymerases (alpha, delta, and epsilon) have been identified. DNA primase forms a permanent complex with DNA polymerase alpha. PCNA and RFC function as a clamp and a clamp loader. FEN 1 and RNase H1 remove the RNA from the Okazaki fragments and DNA ligase I joins the DNA.
Genetic Information Processing; Replication and repair
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hal03030  DNA replication

Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1 [GN:hal]
VNG_1784C  conserved hypothetical protein [KO:K02316] [EC:]
VNG_0255C  conserved hypothetical protein [KO:K03469] [EC:]
VNG_1984G  rnh; RNAase H [KO:K03470] [EC:]
VNG_6362G  polB2; DNA polymerase B2 [KO:K02319] [EC:]
VNG_0521G  polB1; DNA polymerase B1 [KO:K02319] [EC:]
VNG_2417G  polA1; DNA polymerase type II small chain [KO:K02323] [EC:]
VNG_2338G  polA2; DNA polymerase type II large chain [KO:K02322] [EC:]
VNG_2181G  mcm; MCM / cell division control protein 21 [KO:K10726] [EC:3.6.4.-]
VNG_1470G  pri; DNA primase [KO:K02683] [EC:]
VNG_2254C  conserved hypothetical protein [KO:K18882]
VNG_0133G  rpa; replication A related protein [KO:K07466]
VNG_2160C  conserved hypothetical protein [KO:K07466]
VNG_1255C  conserved hypothetical protein [KO:K07466]
VNG_2256G  pcn; proliferating-cell nuclear antigen [KO:K04802]
VNG_2240G  rfcC; replication factor C small subunit [KO:K04801]
VNG_2280G  rfcA; replication factor C small subunit [KO:K04801]
VNG_1622G  rfcB; replication factor C large subunit [KO:K04800]
VNG_1501G  hel; DNA helicase [KO:K10742] [EC:]
VNG_1359G  rad2; DNA repair protein [KO:K04799] [EC:3.-.-.-]
VNG_0881G  lig; DNA ligase [KO:K10747] [EC:]
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