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Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis - Oryza sativa japonica (Japanese rice) (RefSeq)
Phenylpropanoids are a group of plant secondary metabolites derived from phenylalanine and having a wide variety of functions both as structural and signaling molecules. Phenylalanine is first converted to cinnamic acid by deamination. It is followed by hydroxylation and frequent methylation to generate coumaric acid and other acids with a phenylpropane (C6-C3) unit. Reduction of the CoA-activated carboxyl groups of these acids results in the corresponding aldehydes and alcohols. The alcohols are called monolignols, the starting compounds for biosynthesis of lignin.
Metabolism; Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
Pathway map
osa00940  Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis

osa_M00039  Monolignol biosynthesis, phenylalanine/tyrosine => monolignol [PATH:osa00940]
osa_M00137  Flavanone biosynthesis, phenylalanine => naringenin [PATH:osa00940]
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GO: 0009699
Oryza sativa japonica (Japanese rice) (RefSeq) [GN:osa]
4336415  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4330040  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4338861  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4330036  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4330037  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4351235  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4352358  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K10775] [EC:]
4330034  phenylalanine ammonia-lyase [KO:K13064] [EC:]
4338409  trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase [KO:K00487] [EC:]
4329324  cytochrome P450 CYP73A100 [KO:K00487] [EC:]
4329329  cytochrome P450 CYP73A100 [KO:K00487] [EC:]
9270590  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase [KO:K00487] [EC:]
4341718  probable 4-coumarate--CoA ligase 4 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4328485  probable 4-coumarate--CoA ligase 3 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4330407  probable 4-coumarate--CoA ligase 2 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4345054  probable 4-coumarate--CoA ligase 1 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4345717  probable 4-coumarate--CoA ligase 5 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4331650  4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 1 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
9267647  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 9 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
9269113  4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 3 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
9272068  4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 2 [KO:K01904] [EC:]
4346205  shikimate O-hydroxycinnamoyltransferase isoform X1 [KO:K13065] [EC:]
4340333  shikimate O-hydroxycinnamoyltransferase [KO:K13065] [EC:]
4347092  shikimate O-hydroxycinnamoyltransferase [KO:K13065] [EC:]
4339188  cytochrome P450 98A1 [KO:K09754] [EC:]
4328684  caffeoylshikimate esterase [KO:K18368] [EC:3.1.1.-]
4338545  caffeoylshikimate esterase [KO:K18368] [EC:3.1.1.-]
4351922  caffeoylshikimate esterase [KO:K18368] [EC:3.1.1.-]
4348060  caffeoylshikimate esterase [KO:K18368] [EC:3.1.1.-]
4327939  caffeoylshikimate esterase [KO:K18368] [EC:3.1.1.-]
4340240  caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase 1 [KO:K00588] [EC:]
4347397  probable caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase At4g26220 [KO:K00588] [EC:]
4345689  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4346438  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 2 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4347074  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 isoform X1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4331085  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 2 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4327908  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4327909  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4328509  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 2 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4331101  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4331102  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4331103  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 2 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4345156  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4346551  cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K09753] [EC:]
4326375  aldehyde dehydrogenase family 2 member C4 [KO:K12355] [EC:]
4326376  aldehyde dehydrogenase family 2 member C4 [KO:K12355] [EC:]
4341419  aldehyde dehydrogenase family 2 member C4 [KO:K12355] [EC:]
4349097  cytochrome P450 84A1 [KO:K09755] [EC:1.14.-.-]
9270922  cytochrome P450 84A1 [KO:K09755] [EC:1.14.-.-]
4344702  flavone 3'-O-methyltransferase 1 [KO:K13066] [EC:]
4328552  cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 2 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
4348242  probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 1 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
4335223  probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 6 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
4350952  putative cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 4 isoform X1 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
4348690  probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 3 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
9267509  putative cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 5 [KO:K00083] [EC:]
4344045  1-Cys peroxiredoxin A [KO:K11188] [EC: 3.1.1.-]
4344046  1-Cys peroxiredoxin B [KO:K11188] [EC: 3.1.1.-]
4347336  peroxidase 17 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4340745  peroxidase 11 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326874  peroxidase 72 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4349587  peroxidase 4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4335846  peroxidase 72 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4345222  peroxidase 40 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4325127  peroxidase 9 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341861  peroxidase 3 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4343309  peroxidase 7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342251  peroxidase 50 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332174  peroxidase A2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332175  peroxidase A2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4338164  peroxidase 29 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4324557  cationic peroxidase SPC4 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4330684  peroxidase 31 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344496  peroxidase 47 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4331271  peroxidase 64 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344276  peroxidase 70 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4351300  peroxidase 4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4347963  peroxidase N [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4347962  peroxidase A2 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4324556  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4324554  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341081  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
9267450  peroxidase 1-like isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341935  peroxidase 16 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4351067  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337259  peroxidase 16 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4352399  peroxidase 24 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4331649  peroxidase 44 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4331437  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4349241  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4331438  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4346726  peroxidase 57 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4339222  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344279  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332925  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4336295  peroxidase 18 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4351703  peroxidase 43 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4325129  peroxidase 72 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4347520  peroxidase 73 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4346141  peroxidase 55 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4334201  peroxidase 35 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
9267003  peroxidase 65 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344393  peroxidase 21 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332928  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4343453  peroxidase 39 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4349427  peroxidase 57 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4349585  cationic peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4334200  peroxidase 51 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326970  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328841  peroxidase 70 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337232  peroxidase 4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344277  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341249  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341247  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337732  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337892  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341248  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337482  peroxidase 12 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107275849  cationic peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107275918  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107275272  peroxidase 70-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107276424  peroxidase 5-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107276425  peroxidase 5-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107276461  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107276369  putative Peroxidase 48 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107280449  peroxidase 5-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4327648  peroxidase 25 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328389  peroxidase 3 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328832  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337731  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342185  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344048  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344282  cationic peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4350051  peroxidase 43 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
9269736  peroxidase A2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
9272450  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107278270  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107278696  peroxidase 70-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107278779  peroxidase 44-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
107281419  peroxidase 5-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4324555  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326273  peroxidase 24 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326715  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326716  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326968  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4326969  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4327001  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4327002  peroxidase 1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4327052  peroxidase 56 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4327090  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328833  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328834  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328842  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4328843  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332782  peroxidase 70 isoform X1 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332922  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332923  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332924  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332926  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4332929  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4333187  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4333262  peroxidase 27 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4336088  peroxidase 31 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337483  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337484  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337486  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337488  cationic peroxidase SPC4 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337725  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337727  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337728  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4337730  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4339223  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4340843  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341023  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341166  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341167  peroxidase P7 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341168  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341170  lignin-forming anionic peroxidase [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341171  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341932  peroxidase 16 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341933  peroxidase 16 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4341934  peroxidase 45 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342186  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342187  peroxidase 1-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342188  peroxidase 3 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4342432  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344049  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344050  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344051  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344052  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344278  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344280  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4344281  peroxidase 2-like [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4346727  peroxidase 57 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4347957  peroxidase 2 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
4349240  peroxidase 5 [KO:K00430] [EC:]
C00079  L-Phenylalanine
C00082  L-Tyrosine
C00223  p-Coumaroyl-CoA
C00315  Spermidine
C00323  Caffeoyl-CoA
C00406  Feruloyl-CoA
C00411  Sinapoyl-CoA
C00423  trans-Cinnamate
C00482  Sinapate
C00540  Cinnamoyl-CoA
C00590  Coniferyl alcohol
C00761  Coniferin
C00811  4-Coumarate
C00852  Chlorogenate
C00903  Cinnamaldehyde
C00933  Sinapine
C01175  1-O-Sinapoyl-beta-D-glucose
C01197  Caffeate
C01494  Ferulate
C01533  Syringin
C02325  Sinapyl alcohol
C02646  4-Coumaryl alcohol
C02666  Coniferyl aldehyde
C02887  Sinapoyl malate
C02947  4-Coumaroylshikimate
C04366  3-(2-Carboxyethenyl)-cis,cis-muconate
C05608  4-Hydroxycinnamyl aldehyde
C05610  Sinapoyl aldehyde
C05619  5-Hydroxyferulic acid
C05627  4-Hydroxystyrene
C05855  4-Hydroxycinnamyl alcohol 4-D-glucoside
C06224  3,4-Dihydroxystyrene
C10428  Anethole
C10434  5-O-Caffeoylshikimic acid
C10452  Estragole
C10453  Eugenol
C10454  Methyleugenol
C10469  Isoeugenol
C10478  Methylisoeugenol
C10945  Caffeic aldehyde
C12203  5-Hydroxyferuloyl-CoA
C12204  5-Hydroxyconiferaldehyde
C12205  5-Hydroxyconiferyl alcohol
C12206  Caffeyl alcohol
C12208  p-Coumaroyl quinic acid
C15804  p-Hydroxyphenyl lignin
C15805  Guaiacyl lignin
C15806  Syringyl lignin
C15807  5-Hydroxy-guaiacyl lignin
C16930  Chavicol
C18069  N1,N5,N10-Tricoumaroyl spermidine
C18070  N1,N5,N10-Tricaffeoyl spermidine
C18071  N1,N5,N10-Triferuloyl spermidine
C18072  N1,N5,N10-Tri(hydroxyferuloyl) spermidine
C18073  N1,N5-Di(hydroxyferuloyl)-N10-sinapoyl spermidine
C20225  Coniferyl acetate
C20464  Isochavicol
C20465  Coumaryl acetate
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osa00130  Ubiquinone and other terpenoid-quinone biosynthesis
osa00400  Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis
osa00941  Flavonoid biosynthesis
osa00945  Stilbenoid, diarylheptanoid and gingerol biosynthesis
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