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D00028  Glycerin (JP17/USP); Concentrated glycerin (JP17); Glycerin, concentrated (JAN); Glycerol (INN)

Interactions: 11 hits    [ ATC classification | Therapeutic category ]

D00236  Atovaquone (JAN/USP/INN); Mepron (TN) (P) unclassified
D03230  Insulin human (USP/INN); Insulin human (genetical recombination) (JP17); Insulin human (biosynthesis) (JAN); Insulin human (synthesis) (JAN); Humulin (TN) (P) unclassified
D03250  Insulin glargine (USAN/INN); Insulin glargine (genetical recombination) (JP17); Insulin glargine (genetical recombination) [Insulin glargin biosimilar 1] (JAN); Insulin glargine (genetical recombination) [Insulin glargin biosimilar 2] (JAN); Lantus (TN) (P) unclassified
D04475  Insulin aspart (USP/INN); Insulin aspart (genetical recombination) (JP17); Insulin X 14; NovoRapid (TN); Novolog (TN) (P) unclassified
D04477  Insulin lispro (USP/INN); Insulin lispro (genetical recombination) (JAN); Insulin lispro (genetical recombination) [Insulin lispro Biosimilar 1] (JAN); Humalog (TN) (P) unclassified
D04539  Insulin detemir (USAN/INN); Insulin detemir (genetical recombination) (JAN); Levemir (TN) (P) unclassified
D04540  Insulin glulisine (USAN/INN); Insulin glulisine (genetical recombination) (JAN); Apidra (TN) (P) unclassified
D09727  Insulin degludec (USAN/INN); Insulin degludec (genetical recombination) (JAN); Tresiba (TN) (P) unclassified
D10570  Insulin degludec (genetical recombination) and insulin aspart (genetical recombination); Ryzodeg (TN) (P) unclassified
D11034  Insulin glargine and lixisenatide; Insulin glargine (genetical recombination) and lixisenatide; Soliqua (TN) (P) unclassified
D11567  Insulin degludec and liraglutide; Xultophy (TN) (P) unclassified