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D03306  Calcium polycarbophil (USP); Polycarbophil calcium (JAN); Mitrolan (TN)

Interactions: 249 hits    [ ATC classification | Therapeutic category ]

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C06624  Oxytetracycline; Oxytetracycline anhydrous (P) unclassified
C08130  Calcium chloride anhydrous (P) unclassified
C08859  Cymarin; Strophanthidin 3-O-beta-D-cymaroside (P) unclassified
C11368  Grepafloxacin (P) unclassified
D00112  G-Strophanthin (JAN); Ouabain; Ouabain octahydrate (P) unclassified
D00129  Calcitriol (JAN/USP/INN); Rocaltrol (TN) (P) unclassified
D00186  Ciprofloxacin (JP17/USP/INN); CPFX; Cipro (TN) (P) unclassified
D00201  Tetracycline (JAN/USP/INN); TC; Sumycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00205  Oxytetracycline (JAN/USP/INN); Oxytetracycline dihydrate; OTC; Terramycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00210  Norfloxacin (JP17/USP/INN); NFLX; Noroxin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00236  Atovaquone (JAN/USP/INN); Mepron (TN) (P) unclassified
D00290  Demeclocycline hydrochloride (USP); Demethylchlortetracycline hydrochloride (JP17); DMCTC; Declomycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00295  Cimetidine (JP17/USP/INN); Tagamet (TN) (P) unclassified
D00297  Digitoxin (JAN/USP/INN); Crystodigin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00298  Digoxin (JP17/USP); Lanoxicaps (TN); Lanoxin (TN) (CI1,P) unclassified
D00307  Doxycycline (USP); Doxycycline hydrate; DOXY; Monodox (TN); Oracea (TN) (P) unclassified
D00310  Enoxacin (USAN/INN); ENX; Penetrex (TN) (P) unclassified
D00318  Famotidine (JP17/USP/INN); Fluxid (TN); Pepcid (TN) (P) unclassified
D00355  Lansoprazole (JP17/USP/INN); Prevacid (TN) (P) unclassified
D00422  Ranitidine (USAN/INN); Ranitidine (TN) (P) unclassified
D00440  Nizatidine (JP17/USP/INN); Acinon (TN); Axid (TN) (P) unclassified
D00453  Ofloxacin (JP17/USP/INN); OFLX; Floxin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00455  Omeprazole (JP17/USP/INN); Prilosec (TN) (P) unclassified
D00588  Levofloxacin (USAN); Levofloxacin hydrate (JP17); Levofloxacin hemihydrate; LVFX; Iquix (TN); Levaquin (TN); Quixin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00589  Gatifloxacin (USAN); Gatifloxacin hydrate (JAN); GFLX; Gatiflo (TN); Tequin (TN); Zymar (TN); Zymaxid (TN) (P) unclassified
D00590  Sparfloxacin (JAN/USAN/INN); SPFX; Zagam (TN) (P) unclassified
D00673  Ranitidine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Zantac (TN) (P) unclassified
D00724  Rabeprazole sodium (JP17/USAN); Aciphex (TN); Pariet (TN) (P) unclassified
D00728  Bismuth subsalicylate (JAN/USP); Pepto-bismol (TN) (P) unclassified
D00731  Magnesium hydroxide (JAN/USP); Magnesia, (Milk of) (USP); Milmag (TN); Mint-o-mag (TN) (P) unclassified
D00849  Methacycline hydrochloride (JAN/USP); MTC; Rondomycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00850  Minocycline hydrochloride (JP17/USP); MINO; Arestin (TN); Dynacin (TN); Minocin (TN); Solodyn (TN) (P) unclassified
D00873  Lomefloxacin hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); LFLX; Maxaquin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00874  Moxifloxacin hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); MFLX; Avelox (TN); Vigamox (TN) (P) unclassified
D00931  Calcium acetate (USP); Phoslo (TN) (P) unclassified
D00932  Calcium carbonate (USP); Precipitated calcium carbonate (JP17); Calcium carbonate, precipitated (JAN); Cal-sup (TN) (P) unclassified
D00933  Calcium citrate (USP); Calcium citrate tetrahydrate; Citracal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00934  Calcium gluceptate (USP); Calcium glucoheptonate (INN); Calcium gluceptate (TN) (P) unclassified
D00935  Calcium gluconate (USP) (P) unclassified
D00936  Calcium lactate (USP); Prequist powder (TN) (P) unclassified
D00937  Calcium phosphate, dihydrate, dibasic (USP); Dibasic calcium phosphate hydrate (JP17); Dibasic calcium phosphate (TN); Calster (TN) (P) unclassified
D00938  Tricalcium phosphate; Posture (TN) (P) unclassified
D00939  Alendronate sodium (USAN); Alendronate sodium hydrate (JP17); Binosto (TN); Fosamax (TN) (P) unclassified
D01079  Tigecycline (JAN/USAN); Tygacil (TN) (P) unclassified
D01098  Maxacalcitol (JAN/USAN/INN); Oxarol (TN); Prezios (TN) (P) unclassified
D01125  Calcipotriene (USAN); Calcipotriol (JAN); Dovonex (TN) (P) unclassified
D01131  Lafutidine (JP17/INN); Protecadin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01144  Prulifloxacin (JAN/INN); PUFX; Sword (TN) (P) unclassified
D01147  Nadifloxacin (JAN/INN); NDFX; Acuatim (TN) (P) unclassified
D01153  Pazufloxacin (JAN/INN); PZFX (P) unclassified
D01167  Magnesium oxide (JP17/USP); Magmitt (TN) (P) unclassified
D01193  Osutidine (JAN/INN); T 593 (P) unclassified
D01203  Sodium bicarbonate (JP17/USP); Meylon (TN); Neut (TN) (P) unclassified
D01207  Omeprazole sodium (USAN); Losec sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D01240  Deslanoside (JP17/USP/INN); Cedilanid-d (TN) (CI1,P) unclassified
D01379  Proscillaridin (JAN/USAN/INN); Talusin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01446  Magnesium carbonate (JP17/USP); Magnesium carbonate (TN) (P) unclassified
D01467  Roxatidine acetate hydrochloride (JP17/USAN); Altat (TN) (P) unclassified
D01472  Tacalcitol hydrate (JP17); Bonalfa high (TN); Curatoderm (TN) (P) unclassified
D01486  Rolitetracycline nitrate (JAN/USAN) (P) unclassified
D01518  Alfacalcidol (JAN/INN); Alsiodol (TN) (P) unclassified
D01596  Oxytetracycline hydrochloride (JP17/USP); OTC; Terramycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01598  Calcium L-aspartate hydrate (JAN); Calcium L-aspartate; Aspara-CA (TN) (P) unclassified
D01662  Falecalcitriol (JAN/INN); Hornel (TN) (P) unclassified
D01698  Dalcotidine (JAN/INN); KU 1257 (P) unclassified
D01716  Fleroxacin (JAN/USAN/INN); FLRX; Megalocin (TN); Megalone (TN) (P) unclassified
D01861  Pibutidine hydrochloride (JAN); IT 066 (P) unclassified
D01920  Tenatoprazole (JAN/INN); TU 199 (P) unclassified
D01972  Lanatoside C (JAN/INN); Digilanogen C (TN) (P) unclassified
D01984  Esomeprazole magnesium (USP); Esomeprazole magnesium hydrate (JAN); Esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate; Nexium (TN) (P) unclassified
D01996  Tosufloxacin tosylate hydrate (JP17); Tosufloxacin tosilate; TFLX; Ozex (TN); Tosuxacin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02006  Strontium chloride Sr 89 (USP); Strontium (89Sr) chloride (JAN); Metastron (TN) (P) unclassified
D02012  Dihydroxyaluminum aminoacetate (JAN/USP); Alminium glycinate (P) unclassified
D02122  Tetracycline hydrochloride (JP17/USP); TC; Bristacycline (TN) (P) unclassified
D02123  Trovafloxacin mesylate (USAN); Trovan (TN) (P) unclassified
D02129  Doxycycline hyclate (USP); Doxycycline hydrochloride hydrate (JP17); DOXY; Doryx (TN); Periostat (TN); Vibra-tabs (TN) (P) unclassified
D02178  Grepafloxacin hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); GPFX; Raxar (TN) (P) unclassified
D02216  Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (USP); Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride hydrate (JP17); CPFX; Ciloxan (TN); Cipro (TN); Proquin XR (TN) (P) unclassified
D02254  Calcium lactate hydrate (JP17); Calcium lactate pentahydrate; Calcium lactate (TN) (P) unclassified
D02255  Chlortetracycline hydrochloride (JAN/USP); CTC; Aureomycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02256  Calcium chloride (USP); Calcium chloride hydrate (JP17); Calcium chloride dihydrate; Conclyte-Ca (TN) (P) unclassified
D02282  Rolitetracycline (JAN/USAN/INN); Synterin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02306  Pefloxacin (USAN/INN); PFLX (P) unclassified
D02307  Pefloxacin mesylate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02317  Tosufloxacin (USAN); TFLX (P) unclassified
D02318  Lomefloxacin (USAN); LFLX (P) unclassified
D02416  Aluminum hydroxide (USP); Aluminum hydroxide, dried (USP); Dried aluminum hydroxide gel (JP17); ALterna GEL (TN); Dialume (TN) (P) unclassified
D02463  Balofloxacin hydrate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D02469  Temafloxacin hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); Omniflox (TN) (P) unclassified
D02470  Alatrofloxacin mesylate (USAN); Trovan preservative free (TN) (P) unclassified
D02471  Gemifloxacin mesylate (USAN); Factive (TN) (P) unclassified
D02473  Enrofloxacin (USAN/INN); ERFX; Baytril (TN) (P) unclassified
D02474  Rufloxacin (INN) (P) unclassified
D02475  Sitafloxacin (USAN); Sitafloxacin hydrate (JAN); STFX (P) unclassified
D02476  Meclocycline (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02477  Meclocycline sulfosalicylate (USP); Meclan (TN) (P) unclassified
D02539  Clinafloxacin hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02540  Garenoxacin mesylate (USAN); Garenoxacin mesilate hydrate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D02541  Lomefloxacin mesylate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02587  Metildigoxin (JP17); Lanirapid (TN) (CI1,P) unclassified
D02593  Pantoprazole sodium (USAN); Pantoprazole sodium hydrate (JAN); Protonix (TN) (P) unclassified
D02763  Actodigin (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02807  Algeldrate (USAN/INN); Derma gran (TN) (P) unclassified
D02819  Almadrate sulfate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02821  Almagate (USAN/INN); Almax (TN) (P) unclassified
D02844  Aluminum carbonate, basic (USAN); Basaljel (TN) (P) unclassified
D02862  Aluminum phosphate (USP); Phosphaljel (TN) (P) unclassified
D02899  Amicycline (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02902  Amifloxacin (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02903  Amifloxacin mesylate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03118  Binfloxacin (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D03131  Bismuth, [milk of] (USP) (P) unclassified
D03236  Synthetic aluminum silicate (JP17); Aluminum silicate, synthetic (JAN); Silicamin (TN) (P) unclassified
D03238  Hydrotalcite (JAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D03271  Magnesium trisilicate (USP); Trimax (TN) (P) unclassified
D03294  Calcium glubionate (USP/INN); Neo-calglucon (TN) (P) unclassified
D03302  Dibasic calcium phosphate, anhydrous (JAN); Calcium phosphate, dibasic; CalStar (TN) (P) unclassified
D03303  Calcium phosphate, tribasic (NF) (P) unclassified
D03306  Calcium polycarbophil (USP); Polycarbophil calcium (JAN); Mitrolan (TN) (P) unclassified
D03309  Calcium silicate (NF) (P) unclassified
D03451  Cetocycline hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03477  Chlortetracycline bisulfate (USP) (P) unclassified
D03503  Cimetidine hydrochloride (USP); Cimetidine hydrochloride (TN) (P) unclassified
D03646  Danofloxacin mesylate (USAN); Advocid (TN) (P) unclassified
D03680  Demeclocycline (USP); Demethylchlortetracycline (JAN); DMCTC (P) unclassified
D03681  Demecycline (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D03810  Difloxacin hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03819  Digitalis (USP); Digiglusin (TN) (P) unclassified
D03827  Dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate (USP); Rolaids (TN) (P) unclassified
D03889  Donetidine (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03903  Doxycycline calcium (USP) (P) unclassified
D03904  Doxycycline fosfatex (USAN) (P) unclassified
D04030  Epitetracycline hydrochloride (USP) (P) unclassified
D04056  Esomeprazole sodium (USAN); Nexium IV (TN) (P) unclassified
D04098  Etintidine hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D04364  Dicyclomine hydrochloride, aluminium hydroxide, dried and magnesium oxide; Kolantyl (TN) (P) unclassified
D04393  Aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide; Aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide; Maalox (TN); Sakloft (TN) (P) unclassified
D04485  Ibafloxacin (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D04494  Icotidine (USAN) (P) unclassified
D04680  Lavoltidine succinate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D04794  Lupitidine hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D04832  Magaldrate (USP/INN); Riopan (TN) (P) unclassified
D04839  Magnesium silicate (JP17/NF); Florisil (P) unclassified
D04972  Methacycline (USAN); Metacycline (INN) (P) unclassified
D05004  Metiamide (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D05045  Minocycline (USAN/INN); MINO (P) unclassified
D05184  Nitrocycline (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D05259  Omeprazole magnesium (USAN); Prilosec OTC (TN) (P) unclassified
D05261  Omeprazole sodium injection (JAN); Omeprazole sodium hydrate; Omepral (TN) (P) unclassified
D05306  Oxmetidine hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D05307  Oxmetidine mesylate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D05322  Oxytetracycline calcium (USP); Terramycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D05353  Pantoprazole (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D05382  Pazufloxacin mesilate (JP17); Pazufloxacin methanesulfonate; Pasil (TN) (P) unclassified
D05461  Enoxacin hydrate (JP17) (P) unclassified
D05463  Calcium gluconate hydrate (JP17); Calcicol (TN) (P) unclassified
D05579  Potassium glucaldrate (USP/INN); Aciquel (TN) (P) unclassified
D05605  Premafloxacin (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D05699  Ranitidine bismuth citrate (USAN); Tritec (TN) (P) unclassified
D05722  Revaprazan hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D05796  Sancycline (USAN/INN); Bonomycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D05802  Sarafloxacin hydrochloride (USAN); SaraFlox WSP (TN) (P) unclassified
D05900  Timoprazole (INN) (P) unclassified
D05901  Picoprazole (INN) (P) unclassified
D05906  Leminoprazole (INN) (P) unclassified
D05939  Sufotidine (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D06098  Tetracycline metaphosphate (JAN); Tetracycline phosphate complex; Tetrax (TN) (P) unclassified
D06157  Tiotidine (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D06355  Zaltidine hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D06397  Estramustine phosphate sodium hydrate (JAN); Estramustine phosphate sodium monohydrate; Estracyt (TN) (P) unclassified
D06436  Silodrate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D06437  Anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate (JP17) (P) unclassified
D06881  Acetyldigitoxin (INN); Acylanid (TN) (P) unclassified
D06884  Lymecycline (INN) (P) unclassified
D06885  Clomocycline (INN) (P) unclassified
D07072  Niperotidine (INN) (P) unclassified
D07147  Gitoformate (INN) (P) unclassified
D07419  Almasilate (INN); Magnesium aluminosilicate (JP17); Megalac (TN) (P) unclassified
D07555  Acetyldigoxin; Cedigossima (TN) (P) unclassified
D07556  beta-Acetyldigoxin; Acetyldigoxin beta isomer; Corotal (TN) (P) unclassified
D07562  Alatrofloxacin (INN) (P) unclassified
D07578  Eldecalcitol (JAN/INN); Edirol (TN) (P) unclassified
D07587  Bismuth subcitrate; Tripotassium dicitratobismuthate; De-Nol (TN) (P) unclassified
D07610  Carbaldrate (INN); Basaljel (TN) (P) unclassified
D07689  Chlortetracycline (INN); Aureomycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07702  Ciprofloxacin lactate; Ciproxin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07774  Danofloxacin (INN); A180 (TN); Advocin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07828  Difloxacin (INN); Marbocyl (TN) (P) unclassified
D07876  Doxycycline (INN); DOXY; Doxychel (TN); Doxycycline (TN) (P) unclassified
D07877  Doxycycline hydrochloride; Vibramycin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07917  Esomeprazole (INN); Inexium paranova (TN) (P) unclassified
D08011  Gatifloxacin (INN); Gatifloxacin anhydrous; Gatifloxacin (TN); Zymer (TN) (P) unclassified
D08012  Gemifloxacin (INN); Factiv (TN) (P) unclassified
D08120  Levofloxacin (INN); Cravit (TN); Levaquin (TN) (P) unclassified
D08156  Marbofloxacin (USP/INN); Marbocyl (TN) (P) unclassified
D08237  Moxifloxacin (INN); Avelox IV (TN) (P) unclassified
D08287  Norfloxacin nicotinate; Quinabic soluble powder (TN) [veterinary] (P) unclassified
D08291  Ofloxacin hydrochloride; Tarivid (TN) (P) unclassified
D08299  Orbifloxacin (USP/INN); Orbax [veterinary] (TN) (P) unclassified
D08463  Rabeprazole (INN); Eraloc (TN) (P) unclassified
D08494  Roxatidine (INN); Roxit (TN) (P) unclassified
D08495  Roxatidine acetate (BAN) (P) unclassified
D08496  Rufloxacin hydrochloride; Qari (TN) (P) unclassified
D08506  Sarafloxacin (INN) (P) unclassified
D08554  Tacalcitol (INN); Bonalfa (TN) (P) unclassified
D08654  Trovafloxacin (INN) (P) unclassified
D08704  Magnesium aluminometasilicate, methylmethionine sulfonium chloride, magnesium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate; Cabagin-U (TN) (P) unclassified
D08708  Licase (alpha Amylase), aluminum hydroxide, dried, magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate; AM (TN); NS (TN) (P) unclassified
D08711  Coptis rhizome, senna leaf, rhubarb, magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate hydrate; Cetilo (TN) (P) unclassified
D08834  Stomachic and digestive; Ohara (TN) (P) unclassified
D08872  Besifloxacin hydrochloride (USAN); Besivance (TN) (P) unclassified
D08875  Bismuth citrate (USP) (P) unclassified
D08903  Dexlansoprazole (INN/USAN); Dexilant (TN) (P) unclassified
D09197  Valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide; Co-dio (TN) (P) unclassified
D09330  Delafloxacin (USAN) (P) unclassified
D09331  Delafloxacin meglumine (USAN); Baxdela (TN) (P) unclassified
D09339  Esomeprazole potassium (USAN) (P) unclassified
D09647  Omadacycline (USAN) (P) unclassified
D09782  Cadrofloxacin hydrochloride (JAN) (P) unclassified
D09837  Penaprazole sodium hydrate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D09840  Olamufloxacin mesilate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D09847  Metildigoxin (INN); Medigoxin (BAN) (P) unclassified
D09940  Omadacycline tosylate (USAN); Nuzyra (TN) (P) unclassified
D10113  Dolutegravir sodium (JAN/USAN); Tivicay (TN) (P) unclassified
D10120  Esomeprazole strontium (USAN); Esomeprazole strontium tetrahydrate; Esomeprazole strontium (TN) (P) unclassified
D10198  Calcipotriol hydrate (JAN); Calcipotriol monohydrate; Calcipotriene hydrate; Dovonex (TN) (P) unclassified
D10369  Eravacycline (USAN) (P) unclassified
D10421  Eravacycline dihydrochloride (USAN); Xerava (TN) (P) unclassified
D10435  Acorafloxacin (USAN); Avarofloxacin (P) unclassified
D10466  Vonoprazan fumarate (JAN); Takecab (TN) (P) unclassified
D10544  Acorafloxacin hydrochloride (USAN); Avarofloxacin hydrochloride (P) unclassified
D10575  Finafloxacin (INN); Xtoro (TN) (P) unclassified
D10600  Dolutegravir, abacavir and lamivudine; Triumeq (TN) (P) unclassified
D10666  Sarecycline (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D10667  Sarecycline hydrochloride (USAN); Seysara (TN) (P) unclassified
D10772  Lascufloxacin hydrochloride (JAN); Lasvic (TN) (P) unclassified
D10788  Maxacalcitol and betamethasone butyrate propionate; Marduox (TN) (P) unclassified
D10822  Ciprofloxacin hydrate (JAN); Ciprofloxacin hemiheptahydrate (P) unclassified
D11039  Bictegravir, emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide; Biktarvy (TN) (P) unclassified
D11101  Danofloxacin mesilate hydrate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D11114  Esomeprazole magnesium dihydrate (P) unclassified
D11282  Dolutegravir sodium and rilpivirine hydrochloride; Juluca (TN) (P) unclassified
D11618  Moxifloxacin hydrochloride monohydrate (P) unclassified