Therapeutic Category of Drugs in Japan

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 1  Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs
 2  Agents affecting individual organs
   21  Cardiovascular agents
   22  Respiratory organ agents
   23  Digestive organ agents
   24  Hormones
   25  Urogenital and anal organ agents
   26  Epidermides
   27  Dental preparations
     271  Local anesthetics
     272  Pulp devitalizing agents
     273  Analgesics and sedatives
     274  Pulp mummifying agents
     275  Pulp capping agents
     276  Antibiotics
     279  Miscellaneous
       2790  Miscellaneous
         D00943  Sodium fluoride (JAN/USP)
         D00108  Iodine (JP17/USP)
         D01140  Benzethonium chloride (JP17/USP/INN)
         D01910  Iodoform (JP17/USP)
         D01502  Silver diammine fluoride (JAN)
         D03362  Trafermin (USAN/INN); Trafermin (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D04412  Compound iodine glycerin (JP17)
         D04851  Disodium edetate hydrate and cetrimide
         D04873  Zinc oxide and clove oil
         D04875  Zinc sulfate, iodine, sodium iodine and glycerin
         D04879  Hydrocortisone acetate, hinokitiol and ethyl aminobenzoate
         D04881  Aluminum chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride and Lidocaine
A01AA01 A12CD01
D08AJ08 R02AA09
   29  Other agents affecting individual organs
 3  Agents affecting metabolism
 4  Agents affecting cellular function
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
 6  Agents against pathologic organisms and parasites
 7  Agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
 8  Narcotics

Last updated: February 23, 2021
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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