Therapeutic Category of Drugs in Japan

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 1  Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs
 2  Agents affecting individual organs
 3  Agents affecting metabolism
 4  Agents affecting cellular function
   41  Cellular function activating agents
   42  Antineoplastics
     421  Alkylating agents
     422  Antimetabolites
     423  Antibiotics
     424  Plant extract preparations
     429  Miscellaneous
       4291  Other Antitumors
         D00068  Alcohol (USP); Anhydrous ethanol (JP18)
         D00094  Tretinoin (JAN/USP/INN)
         D01370  Cladribine (JAN/USP/INN)
         D03021  Azacitidine (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D06199  Trabectedin (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D02166  Mitoxantrone hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
         D01441  Imatinib mesylate (USAN); Imatinib mesilate (JAN)
         D06414  Dasatinib (USAN); Dasatinib hydrate (JAN)
         D06413  Nilotinib hydrochloride hydrate (JAN)
         D09728  Bosutinib hydrate (JAN)
         D09951  Ponatinib hydrochloride (JAN/USAN)
         D01977  Gefitinib (JP18/USAN/INN)
         D04023  Erlotinib hydrochloride (JAN/USAN)
         D09733  Afatinib dimaleate (USAN); Afatinib maleate (JAN)
         D10766  Osimertinib mesylate (USAN); Osimertinib mesilate (JAN)
         D10514  Dacomitinib (USAN); Dacomitinib hydrate (JAN)
         D09996  Vemurafenib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10104  Dabrafenib mesylate (USAN); Dabrafenib mesilate (JAN)
         D11053  Encorafenib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D09731  Crizotinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10551  Ceritinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10450  Alectinib hydrochloride (JAN)
         D10866  Brigatinib (JAN/USAN)
         D11012  Lorlatinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10176  Trametinib dimethyl sulfoxide (JAN/USAN)
         D10604  Binimetinib (JAN/USAN)
         D10372  Palbociclib (JAN/USAN)
         D10688  Abemaciclib (JAN/USAN)
         D06068  Temsirolimus (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D02714  Everolimus (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D04024  Lapatinib ditosylate (USAN); Lapatinib tosilate hydrate (JAN)
         D09960  Ruxolitinib phosphate (JAN/USAN)
         D03218  Axitinib (JAN/USAN)
         D10223  Ibrutinib (JAN/USAN)
         D10893  Acalabrutinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D06402  Sunitinib malate (JAN/USAN)
         D06272  Sorafenib tosylate (USAN); Sorafenib tosilate (JAN)
         D05380  Pazopanib hydrochloride (JAN/USAN)
         D06407  Vandetanib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10137  Regorafenib hydrate (JAN)
         D10095  Cabozantinib s-malate (USAN); Cabozantinib malate (JAN)
         D09920  Lenvatinib mesylate (USAN); Lenvatinib mesilate (JAN)
         D09956  Quizartinib dihydrochloride (USAN); Quizartinib hydrochloride (JAN)
         D11138  Larotrectinib sulfate (JAN/USAN)
         D10800  Gilteritinib fumarate (JAN/USAN)
         D10926  Entrectinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10891  Capmatinib hydrochloride (USAN); Capmatinib hydrochloride hydrate (JAN)
         D11417  Pemigatinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D11073  Tepotinib hydrochloride (USAN); Tepotinib hydrochloride hydrate (JAN)
         D00275  Cisplatin (JP18/USP/INN)
         D01363  Carboplatin (JP18/USP/INN)
         D01790  Oxaliplatin (JAN/USP/INN)
         D00478  Procarbazine hydrochloride (JP18/USP)
         D02994  Rituximab (USAN/INN); Rituximab (genetical recombination) (JAN); Rituximab (genetical recombination) [Rituximab biosimilar 1] (JAN); Rituximab (genetical recombination) [Rituximab biosimilar 2] (JAN)
         D03257  Trastuzumab (USAN/INN); Trastuzumab (genetical recombination) (JAN); Trastuzumab (genetical recombination) [Trastuzumab biosimilar 1] (JAN); Trastuzumab (genetical recombination) [Trastuzumab biosimilar 2] (JAN); Trastuzumab (genetical recombination) [Trastuzumab biosimilar 3] (JAN)
         D03455  Cetuximab (USAN/INN); Cetuximab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D06409  Bevacizumab (USAN); Bevacizumab (genetical recombination) (JAN); Bevacizumab (genetical recombination) [Bevacizumab biosimilar 1] (JAN); Bevacizumab (genetical recombination) [Bevacizumab biosimilar 2] (JAN); Bevacizumab (genetical recombination) [Bevacizumab biosimilar 3] (JAN)
         D05350  Panitumumab (USAN/INN); Panitumumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09314  Ofatumumab (USAN/INN); Ofatumumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D04603  Ipilimumab (USAN/INN); Ipilimumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09587  Brentuximab vedotin (USAN); Brentuximab vedotin (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D05446  Pertuzumab (USAN/INN); Pertuzumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09980  Trastuzumab emtansine (USAN/INN); Trastuzumab emtansine (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09321  Obinutuzumab (USAN); Obinutuzumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10559  Dinutuximab (USAN); Dinutuximab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10316  Nivolumab (USAN/INN); Nivolumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10574  Pembrolizumab (USAN); Pembrolizumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09325  Blinatumomab (USAN/INN); Blinatumomab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09371  Ramucirumab (USAN); Ramucirumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10018  Necitumumab (USAN/INN); Necitumumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09337  Elotuzumab (USAN); Elotuzumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10777  Daratumumab (USAN); Daratumumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D09761  Mogamulizumab (USAN); Mogamulizumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10808  Durvalumab (USAN/INN); Durvalumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10817  Avelumab (USAN); Avelumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10773  Atezolizumab (USAN/INN); Atezolizumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D11525  Enfortumab vedotin (USAN); Enfortumab vedotin (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10761  Polatuzumab vedotin (USAN); Polatuzumab vedotin (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D11050  Isatuximab (USAN/INN); Isatuximab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D11529  Trastuzumab deruxtecan (USAN/INN); Trastuzumab deruxtecan (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D03106  Bexarotene (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D03150  Bortezomib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D08880  Carfilzomib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10131  Ixazomib citrate (JAN/USAN)
         D06320  Vorinostat (JAN/USAN)
         D06637  Romidepsin (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D10019  Panobinostat lactate (JAN)
         D09730  Olaparib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D11895  Niraparib tosilate hydrate (JAN)
         D02997  Asparaginase (USAN); L-Asparaginase (JAN); Asparaginase Erwinia chrysanthemi (USAN)
         D00155  Pentostatin (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D02106  Arsenic trioxide (JP18/USAN)
         D03682  Denileukin diftitox (USAN/INN); Denileukin difitox (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D08914  Eribulin mesylate (USAN); Eribulin mesilate (JAN)
         D10679  Venetoclax (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D00966  Tamoxifen citrate (JP18/USP)
         D00967  Toremifene citrate (JAN/USAN)
         D01161  Fulvestrant (JAN/USP/INN)
         D00586  Flutamide (JP18/USP/INN)
         D00961  Bicalutamide (JAN/USP/INN)
         D10218  Enzalutamide (JAN/USAN)
         D11040  Apalutamide (JAN/INN)
         D11045  Darolutamide (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D00960  Anastrozole (JAN/USP/INN)
         D00964  Letrozole (JAN/USP/INN)
         D00963  Exemestane (JAN/USP/INN)
         D09701  Abiraterone acetate (JAN/USP)
         D00753  Sirolimus (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D02802  Alemtuzumab (USAN/INN); Alemtuzumab (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D00754  Thalidomide (JAN/USP/INN)
         D09813  Lenalidomide hydrate (JAN)
         D08976  Pomalidomide (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D03308  Iobenguane I 131 (USP); 3-Iodobenzylguanidine (131I) (JAN)
         D04489  Ibritumomab tiuxetan (USAN/INN); Ibritumomab tiuxetan (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10398  Radium Ra 223 dichloride (USAN)
         D11033  Lutetium (177Lu) oxodotreotide (INN)
         D01404  Sobuzoxane (JAN)
         D01416  Nedaplatin (JAN/INN)
         D01418  Tamibarotene (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D04245  Forodesine hydrochloride (JAN/USAN)
         D06294  Miriplatin hydrate (JAN)
         D10819  Aflibercept beta (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D10993  Tucidinostat (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D11070  Tirabrutinib hydrochloride (JAN)
         D11272  Borofalan (10B) (JAN)
         D11713  Selpercatinib (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D11805  Cetuximab sarotalocan sodium (genetical recombination) (JAN)
         D11967  Daratumumab and hyaluronidase
       4299  Others
   43  Radioactive drugs
   44  Allergic agents
   49  Other agents affecting cellular function
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
 6  Agents against pathologic organisms and parasites
 7  Agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
 8  Narcotics

Last updated: October 28, 2021
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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