Target-based Classification of Drugs

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 G Protein-coupled receptors
 Ion channels
   Ligand-gated ion channels
     Acetylcholine (nicotinic)
       HTR3 [HSA:3359 9177 170572 200909 285242] [KO:K04819]
         D07129  Alosetron (INN)
         D02829  Alosetron hydrochloride (USAN) <US>
         D03495  Cilansetron (USAN/INN)
         D03496  Cilansetron hydrochloride (USAN)
         D00456  Ondansetron (JAN/USP/INN) <US>
         D00678  Ondansetron hydrochloride hydrate (JAN/USP) <JP/US>
         D02130  Tropisetron (INN)
         D02041  Tropisetron hydrochloride (JAN)
         D07867  Dolasetron (INN)
         D00725  Dolasetron mesylate (USP) <US>
         D07175  Palonosetron (INN)
         D05343  Palonosetron hydrochloride (JAN/USP) <JP/US>
         D00283  Clozapine (JAN/USP/INN) <JP/US>
         D00563  Mirtazapine (JAN/USP/INN) <JP/US>
         D11056  Mirtazapine hydrate (JAN)
         D10184  Vortioxetine (USAN)
         D10185  Vortioxetine hydrobromide (JAN/USAN) <JP/US>
         D01613  Azasetron hydrochloride (JAN) <JP>
         D01838  Fabesetron hydrochloride (JAN)
         D02016  Ramosetron hydrochloride (JAN) <JP>
         D02632  Indisetron hydrochloride (JAN)
         D03060  Batanopride hydrochloride (USAN)
         D03073  Bemesetron (USAN/INN)
         D03662  Dazopride fumarate (USAN)
         D04294  Galdansetron hydrochloride (USAN)
         D04642  Itasetron (USAN/INN)
         D04821  Lurosetron mesylate (USAN)
         D05050  Mirisetron maleate (USAN)
         D05348  Pancopride (USAN/INN)
         D05685  Quipazine maleate (USAN)
         D06253  Tropanserin hydrochloride (USAN)
         D06353  Zacopride hydrochloride (USAN)
         D06358  Zatosetron maleate (USAN)
         D06396  Renzapride (INN)
         D07481  Azasetron (INN)
         D08466  Ramosetron (INN)
         D09749  Itasetron hydrochloride hydrate (JAN)
         D10170  Tedatioxetine (USAN)
         D10171  Tedatioxetine hydrobromide (USAN)
       HTR3A [HSA:3359] [KO:K04819]
       HTR3B [HSA:9177] [KO:K04819]
     GABA (ionotropic)
     Glutamate (ionotropic), non-NMDA
     Glutamate (ionotropic), NMDA
     Epithelial sodium channel (SCNN)
     ATP-gated cation channel (P2X)
   Voltage-gated ion channels
   Other ion channels
 Nuclear receptors
 Protein kinases
 Cytokines and receptors
 Cell surface molecules and ligands
 Nucleic acids
 Not elsewhere classified

Last updated: December 5, 2020

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