Target-based Classification of Drugs

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 G Protein-coupled receptors
 Ion channels
 Nuclear receptors
 Protein kinases
 Cytokines and receptors
 Cell surface molecules and ligands
   Cell adhesion molecules: Ig superfamiy
   Cell adhesion molecules: other families
   Other cell surface molecules
     Immune checkpoints
     CD molecules
       MUC16 (CA125) [HSA:94025] [KO:K16145]
       TACSTD2 (TROP2) [HSA:4070] [KO:K17288]
         D10985  Sacituzumab govitecan (USAN/INN) <US>
Antibody-drug conjugate
       TIGIT [HSA:201633] [KO:K16350]
       VSIR (VISTA) [HSA:64115] [KO:K23268]
       CLDN18 [HSA:51208] [KO:K06087]
       PVRL4 (NECTIN4) [HSA:81607] [KO:K06593]
   Oxidoreductases (EC1)
   Transferases (EC2)
   Hydrolases (EC3)
   Lyases (EC4)
   Isomerases (EC5)
     Prostaglandin-E synthase [EC:]
     Thromboxane-A synthase [EC:]
     DNA topoisomerase [EC:5.99.1.-]
       TOP1 [HSA:7150] [KO:K03163]
         D02756  Aclarubicin (USAN/INN)
         D01911  Aclarubicin hydrochloride (JP17) <JP>
         D08618  Topotecan (BAN)
         D02168  Topotecan hydrochloride (USAN) <JP/US>
         D08086  Irinotecan (INN)
         D01061  Irinotecan hydrochloride (USP) <JP/US>
         D10642  Irinotecan sucrosofate (USAN)
         D10367  Etirinotecan pegol (USAN/INN)
         D10422  Etirinotecan pegol tetrahydrochloride (USAN)
         D10427  Etirinotecan pegol tetratriflutate (USAN)
         D03225  Belotecan hydrochloride (USAN)
         D01432  Exatecan mesylate (USAN)
         D03954  Edotecarin (USAN/INN)
         D03977  Elsamitrucin (USAN/INN)
         D04031  Rubitecan (USAN/INN)
         D04822  Lurtotecan dihydrochloride (USAN)
         D05385  Pegamotecan (USAN)
         D09327  Cositecan (USAN)
         D09679  Tenifatecan (USAN/INN)
         D10464  Firtecan pegol (USAN/INN)
         D10985  Sacituzumab govitecan (USAN/INN) <US>
         D11529  Trastuzumab deruxtecan (USAN/INN) <JP/US>
Antibody-drug conjugate
Antibody-drug conjugate
       TOP2 [HSA:7153 7155] [KO:K03164]
   Ligases (EC6)
 Nucleic acids
 Not elsewhere classified

Last updated: July 10, 2020

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