Classification of Japanese OTC drugs

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 Agents for nervous and sensory systems
 Agents for digestive organs
   09 Histamine H2 receptor blocker containing drugs
   10 Antacids
   11 Stomachics
   12 Intestinal regulators
   13 Digestives
   14 Two or more combinations from antacids, stomachics, digestives, and intestinal regulators
   15 Stomach pain and cramp relievers
     D00552  Benzocaine (USP/INN)
     D01152  Oxethazaine (JP17/USAN)
     D00717  Dicyclomine hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
     D02071  Scopolamine hydrobromide (USP)
     D01875  Tiquizium bromide (JAN/INN)
     D02218  Papaverine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D01451  Scopolamine butylbromide (JP17)
     D01315  Methylbenactyzium bromide (JP17/INN)
     D04062  Scopolia extract (JP17)
   16 Antidiarrheals
   17 Cathartics
   18 Enema
   19 Antiparasitics
   20 Other drugs for digestive organs
 Agents for circulatory system and blood
 Agents for respiratory organs
 Agents for  urogenital organs and anus
   29 Hemorrhoid drugs for internal use
   30 Hemorrhoid drugs for external use
     D00552  Benzocaine (USP/INN)
     D00121  Allantoin (JAN/USP)
     D02708  Alcloxa (JAN/USAN/INN)
     D00733  Dibucaine (USP)
     D02220  Dibucaine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D00358  Lidocaine (JP17/USP/INN)
     D02086  Lidocaine hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
     D04709  Scopolia extract and tannic acid (JP17)
     D02109  dl-Methylephedrine hydrochloride (JP17)
     D00665  Chlorpheniramine maleate (JP17/USP)
     D00156  Glycyrrhetinic acid (JAN)
     D01642  Bismuth subnitrate (JP17/USP)
     D01037  1,4-Dimethyl-7-isopropylazulene (JAN)
     D00165  Hydrocortisone acetate (JP17/USP)
     D00980  Prednisolone acetate (JP17/USP/INN)
     D00740  Procaine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D08738  Rosskastanien extract
   31 Other drugs for  urogenital organs and anus
 Nourishing tonics and health supplements
 Drugs for women
 Allergic agents
 Agents for integumentary system
   54 Disinfectants (incl. special bandages)
   55 Chilblain and chap remedies
   56 Purulent skin remedies
   57 Analgesic, antipruritic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory remedies (incl. gel patches)
     D06392  d-Camphor (JP17)
     D00098  Camphor (USP)
     D01248  Acrinol hydrate (JP17)
     D00552  Benzocaine (USP/INN)
     D00121  Allantoin (JAN/USP)
     D02708  Alcloxa (JAN/USAN/INN)
     D04594  Ammonia water (JP17)
     D00141  Indomethacin (USP)
     D01823  Ufenamate (JAN/INN)
     D00132  Ketoprofen (JP17/USP/INN)
     D01557  Glycol salicylate (JAN)
     D01087  Methyl salicylate (JP17/NF)
     D02220  Dibucaine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D00904  Diclofenac sodium (JP17/USP)
     D08282  Nonivamide (INN)
     D00127  Piroxicam (JP17/USP/INN)
     D01675  Felbinac (JP17/USAN/INN)
     D01271  Bufexamac (JAN/INN)
     D00358  Lidocaine (JP17/USP/INN)
     D02086  Lidocaine hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
     D06710  Sophora root (JP17)
     D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP17)
     D06455  Capsicum tincture (JP17)
     D06461  Mentha oil (JP17)
     D01381  Crotamiton (JAN/USP/INN)
     D03284  Calamine (JAN/USP)
     D01170  Zinc oxide (JP17/USP)
     D04798  Zinc oxide oil (JP17)
     D04849  dl-Menthol (JP17)
     D00064  l-Menthol (JP17)
     D07398  Chlorphenamine (INN)
     D00665  Chlorpheniramine maleate (JP17/USP)
     D02264  Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (JAN)
     D00156  Glycyrrhetinic acid (JAN)
     D00973  Cortisone acetate (JP17/USP)
     D00300  Diphenhydramine (JP17/INN)
     D00669  Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D03360  Diphenhydramine laurylsulfate (JAN)
     D02220  Dibucaine hydrochloride (JP17/USP)
     D00292  Dexamethasone (JP17/USP/INN)
     D02174  Dexamethasone acetate (JAN/USP)
     D01419  Benzyl nicotinate (JAN)
     D00088  Hydrocortisone (JP17/USP/INN)
     D00165  Hydrocortisone acetate (JP17/USP)
     D01619  Hydrocortisone butyrate (JP17/USP)
     D04802  Phenol and zinc oxide liniment (JP17)
     D00472  Prednisolone (JP17/USP/INN)
     D03301  Prednisolone valerate acetate (JAN)
     D00980  Prednisolone acetate (JP17/USP/INN)
     D01357  Betamethasone valerate (JP17/USP)
     D04825  Lyapolate sodium (USAN)
     D01724  Alum, potassium (USP)
     D06972  Shiunkou
     D06689  Phellodendron bark (JP17)
     D06708  Apricot kernel (JP17)
     D08738  Rosskastanien extract
     D03069  Belladonna (USP)
     D06455  Capsicum tincture (JP17)
   58 Ringworm drugs
   59 Skin emollient (incl. pus extrusion)
   60 Hair remedies (incl. hair growth, hair tonic, anti-dandruff, and antipruritic)
   61 Other agents for integumentary system
   91 Antivirals
 Agents for ophthalmologic use
 Agents for otolaryngologic use
   69 Oral medicine for nasal inflammation
   70 Nasal sprays for inflammation
   71 Ear drops
   72 Other agents for otolaryngologic use
     D00552  Benzocaine (USP/INN)
     D00036  Niacinamide (USP)
     D06736  Rehmannia root (JP17)
 Agents for dental and stomatological use
 Stop smoking aid
 Kampo preparations
 Herbal preparations (not belonging to other categories)
 Agents for sanitation
 Test kits for general use
 Other (not belonging to any other category)
OTC drugs that contain as active ingredients the substances listed above including their hydrates and salts
Last updated: September 4, 2015
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