Classification of Japanese OTC drugs

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 Agents for nervous and sensory systems
 Agents for digestive organs
 Agents for circulatory system and blood
   21 Cardiotonics (Senso containing drugs)
   22 Blood vessel reinforcing drugs
   23 Arteriosclerosis drugs (incl. linoleate and lecithin based drugs)
     D04269  Soysterol (JAN)
     D01234  Pantethine (JP17)
     D05783  Safflower oil (USP)
     D04267  Polyenephosphatidyl choline (JAN)
     D01913  Riboflavin butyrate (JP17)
   24 Anemia drugs
   25 Other drugs for circulatory system and blood
 Agents for respiratory organs
 Agents for  urogenital organs and anus
 Nourishing tonics and health supplements
   32 Vitamin A based drugs
   33 Vitamin D based drugs
   34 Vitamin E based drugs
   35 Vitamin B1 based drugs
   36 Vitamin B2 based drugs
     D02011  Flavin adenine dinucleotide sodium (JP17)
     D00050  Riboflavin (JP17/USP/INN)
     D01913  Riboflavin butyrate (JP17)
     D01622  Riboflavin sodium phosphate (JP17)
   37 Vitamin B6 based drugs
   38 Vitamin C based drugs
   39 Vitamin AD based drugs
   40 Vitamin B2B6 based drugs
     D00050  Riboflavin (JP17/USP/INN)
     D01622  Riboflavin sodium phosphate (JP17)
     D01913  Riboflavin butyrate (JP17)
     D02011  Flavin adenine dinucleotide sodium (JP17)
     D00006  Pyridoxal phosphate hydrate (JP17)
   41 Vitamin EC based drugs
   42 Vitamin B1B6B12 based drugs
   43 Vitamin containing supplements
   44 Calcium based drugs
   45 Protein and amino acid based drugs
   46 Crude drugs
   47 Medicinal wine
   48 Other nourishing tonics and health supplements
 Drugs for women
 Allergic agents
 Agents for integumentary system
 Agents for ophthalmologic use
 Agents for otolaryngologic use
 Agents for dental and stomatological use
 Stop smoking aid
 Kampo preparations
 Herbal preparations (not belonging to other categories)
 Agents for sanitation
 Test kits for general use
 Other (not belonging to any other category)
OTC drugs that contain as active ingredients the substances listed above including their hydrates and salts
Last updated: September 4, 2015
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