Classification of Japanese OTC drugs

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1st Level  2nd Level  3rd Level 

 Agents for nervous and sensory systems
 Agents for digestive organs
   09 Histamine H2 receptor blocker containing drugs
   10 Antacids
   11 Stomachics
   12 Intestinal regulators
   13 Digestives
   14 Two or more combinations from antacids, stomachics, digestives, and intestinal regulators
   15 Stomach pain and cramp relievers
   16 Antidiarrheals
     D01642  Bismuth subnitrate (JP17/USP)
     D01398  Bismuth subgallate (JP17/USP)
     D03339  Albumin tannate (JP17)
     D03258  Berberine tannate (JP17)
     D01250  Berberine chloride hydrate (JP17)
     D00729  Loperamide hydrochloride (JAN/USP)
     D03318  Wood creosote (JP17)
     D03251  Charcoal, activated (USP)
     D04347  Clostridium butyricum
     D04349  Lactomin (JAN)
     D06679  Gambir (JP17)
     D04360  Geranium herb (JP17)
     D04385  Swertia herb (JP17)
     D03570  Clove (JP17)
   17 Cathartics
   18 Enema
   19 Antiparasitics
   20 Other drugs for digestive organs
 Agents for circulatory system and blood
 Agents for respiratory organs
 Agents for  urogenital organs and anus
 Nourishing tonics and health supplements
 Drugs for women
 Allergic agents
 Agents for integumentary system
 Agents for ophthalmologic use
 Agents for otolaryngologic use
 Agents for dental and stomatological use
 Stop smoking aid
 Kampo preparations
 Herbal preparations (not belonging to other categories)
 Agents for sanitation
 Test kits for general use
 Other (not belonging to any other category)
OTC drugs that contain as active ingredients the substances listed above including their hydrates and salts
Last updated: September 4, 2015
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