Human Diseases

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 Immune system diseases
 Nervous system diseases
 Cardiovascular diseases
 Respiratory diseases
 Endocrine and metabolic diseases
 Digestive system diseases
 Urinary system diseases
 Reproductive system diseases
   Reproductive system diseases
     H00607  46,XY gonadal dysgenesis
     H00608  46,XY disorder of sex development due to testosterone secretion defect [PATH:hsa00140]
     H00609  Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome [PATH:hsa04060 hsa04350]
     H00598  46,XX testicular disorder of sex development
     H00599  46,XX gonadal dysgenesis [PATH:hsa04913]
     H00600  Mullerian agenesis [PATH:hsa04310]
     H00627  Premature ovarian failure [PATH:hsa04913]
     H01039  Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome [PATH:hsa04080]
     H01607  Galactorrhea
     H01639  Endometriosis
     H01640  Uterine leiomyoma
     H01739  Polycystic ovary syndrome
     H01897  Oocyte maturation defect
     H00289  Recurrent hydatidiform moles [PATH:hsa04621]
     H00890  Azoospermia
     H01208  Globozoospermia
     H01282  Spermatogenic failure
     H02175  Hypospadias
     H02176  Cryptorchidism
     H02177  Androgen insensitivity syndrome
     H02317  SERKAL syndrome [PATH:hsa04310]
     H02318  Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis with squamous cell carcinoma of skin and sex reversal [PATH:hsa04310]
     H02335  Preimplantation embryonic lethality
 Musculoskeletal diseases
 Skin diseases
 Congenital disorders of metabolism
 Congenital malformations
 Other congenital disorders
 Other diseases

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