Human Diseases

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 Immune system diseases
 Nervous system diseases
 Cardiovascular diseases
 Respiratory diseases
 Endocrine and metabolic diseases
   Hypothalamus and pituitary gland diseases
   Thyroid gland diseases
   Parathyroid diseases
   Adrenal gland diseases
   Gonadal diseases
   Other endocrine and metabolic diseases
     H01635  Hyperlipidemia
     H00239  Bartter syndrome [PATH:hsa04960]
     H00240  Gitelman syndrome
     H01522  Zollinger-Ellison syndrome [PATH:hsa04971]
     H00601  Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome
     H00719  Leprechaunism [PATH:hsa04520 hsa04910 hsa04960]
     H01883  Nestor-Guillermo progeria syndrome
     H02323  Ruijs-Aalfs syndrome
     H01733  Werner syndrome
     H01565  Wernicke encephalopathy [PATH:hsa04977]
     H01566  Beriberi
     H01582  Pellagra
     H02059  Leptin deficiency [PATH:hsa04080 hsa04920 hsa04630 hsa04152 hsa04060]
     H02060  Leptin receptor deficiency [PATH:hsa04080 hsa04920 hsa04630 hsa04152 hsa04060]
     H02105  Prohormone convertase 1/3 deficiency
     H02106  Genetic obesity [PATH:hsa04080 hsa04714 hsa04923 hsa03320]
     H02235  Morbid obesity and spermatogenic failure
     H02384  Abdominal obesity-metabolic syndrome
 Digestive system diseases
 Urinary system diseases
 Reproductive system diseases
 Musculoskeletal diseases
 Skin diseases
 Congenital disorders of metabolism
 Congenital malformations
 Other congenital disorders
 Other diseases

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