Therapeutic Category of Drugs in Japan

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 1  Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs
 2  Agents affecting individual organs
   21  Cardiovascular agents
   22  Respiratory organ agents
   23  Digestive organ agents
   24  Hormones
   25  Urogenital and anal organ agents
   26  Epidermides
     261  Antimicrobial agents
     262  Skin protectants
     263  Suppurative dermatosis agents
     264  Analgesics, anti-itchings, astringents, anti-inflammatory agents
     265  Antiparasitic dermatosis agents
       2651  Fatty acids
       2652  Salicylic acids for external use
       2653  Sulfonated compounds
       2654  Tars
       2655  Imidazoles
         D00882  Miconazole nitrate (JP17/USP)
         D00282  Clotrimazole (JP17/USP/INN)
         D01480  Isoconazole nitrate (JAN)
         D00351  Ketoconazole (JP17/USP)
         D00886  Sulconazole nitrate (JAN/USP)
         D01775  Bifonazole (JP17/USAN/INN)
         D00885  Oxiconazole nitrate (JAN/USAN)
         D01980  Luliconazole (JAN/USAN/INN)
         D01092  Lanoconazole (JP17/INN)
         D01620  Neticonazole hydrochloride (JAN)
A01AB09 A07AC01 D01AC02 G01AF04 J02AB01 S02AA13
A01AB18 D01AC01 G01AF02
D01AC05 G01AF07
D01AC08 G01AF11 J02AB02
D01AC11 G01AF17
       2656  Antibiotics for parasitic dermatoses
       2659  Others
     266  Emollients
     267  Hair remedies
     268  Bath preparations
     269  Miscellaneous
   27  Dental preparations
   29  Other agents affecting individual organs
 3  Agents affecting metabolism
 4  Agents affecting cellular function
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
 6  Agents against pathologic organisms and parasites
 7  Agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
 8  Narcotics

Last updated: March 11, 2020
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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