Peptidases and Inhibitors - Homo sapiens (human)

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 Aspartic peptidases
 Cysteine peptidases
 Glutamic peptidases
 Metallo peptidases
 Mixed peptidases
 Serine peptidases
 Threonine peptidases
 Peptidases of unknown catalytic type
 Peptidase inhibitors
   Family I1: Kazal family
   Family I2: Kunitz - BPTI family
   Family I4: serpin family
     5265 SERPINA1; serpin family A member 1
     5104 SERPINA5; serpin family A member 5
     6906 SERPINA7; serpin family A member 7
     183 AGT; angiotensinogen
     12 SERPINA3; serpin family A member 3
     51156 SERPINA10; serpin family A member 10
     5267 SERPINA4; serpin family A member 4
     256394 SERPINA11; serpin family A member 11
     390502 SERPINA2; serpin family A member 2 (gene/pseudogene)
     145264 SERPINA12; serpin family A member 12
     866 SERPINA6; serpin family A member 6
     327657 SERPINA9; serpin family A member 9
     1992 SERPINB1; serpin family B member 1
     5055 SERPINB2; serpin family B member 2
     5268 SERPINB5; serpin family B member 5
     8710 SERPINB7; serpin family B member 7
     5271 SERPINB8; serpin family B member 8
     89778 SERPINB11; serpin family B member 11
     89777 SERPINB12; serpin family B member 12
     6317 SERPINB3; serpin family B member 3
     6318 SERPINB4; serpin family B member 4
     5269 SERPINB6; serpin family B member 6
     5272 SERPINB9; serpin family B member 9
     5273 SERPINB10; serpin family B member 10
     5275 SERPINB13; serpin family B member 13
     462 SERPINC1; serpin family C member 1
     3053 SERPIND1; serpin family D member 1
     5054 SERPINE1; serpin family E member 1
     5270 SERPINE2; serpin family E member 2
     647174 SERPINE3; serpin family E member 3
     5176 SERPINF1; serpin family F member 1
     5345 SERPINF2; serpin family F member 2
     710 SERPING1; serpin family G member 1
     871 SERPINH1; serpin family H member 1
     5274 SERPINI1; serpin family I member 1
     5276 SERPINI2; serpin family I member 2
K03984 SERPINA1; alpha-1-antitrypsin 
K03913 SERPINA5; protein C inhibitor 
K20734 SERPINA7; thyroxine-binding globulin 
K09821 AGT; angiotensinogen 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K04525 SERPINA; serpin A 
K23425 SERPINB1; leukocyte elastase inhibitor 
K19821 SERPINB2; plasminogen activator inhibitor 2 
K10139 SERPINB5; serpin B5 
K13964 SERPINB7; serpin B7 
K13965 SERPINB8; serpin B8 
K13966 SERPINB11_12; serpin B11/12 
K13966 SERPINB11_12; serpin B11/12 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K13963 SERPINB; serpin B 
K03911 SERPINC1; antithrombin III 
K03912 SERPIND1; heparin cofactor II 
K03982 SERPINE1; plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 
K16643 SERPINE2; glia-derived nexin 
K23429 SERPINE3; serpin E3 
K19614 SERPINF1; pigment epithelium-derived factor 
K03983 SERPINF2; alpha-2-antiplasmin 
K04001 SERPING1; C1 inhibitor 
K09501 SERPINH1; serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade H, member 1 
K23412 SERPINI1; neuroserpin 
K23430 SERPINI2; serpin I2 
   Family I11: ecotin family
   Family I17: WAP-type family
   Family I25: cystatin family
   Family I27: calpastatin family
   Family I32: IAP family
   Family I34: IA3 family
   Family I35: timp family
   Family I39: alpha2M family
   Family I47: latexin family
   Family I49: proSAAS family
   Family I51: IC family
   Family I57: staphostatin B family
   Family I63
   Family I80
   Family I87
   Family I93

Last updated: January 14, 2021
Classification taken and modified from MEROPS