Infectious Diseases

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 Viral infections
   Infections caused by dsDNA-RT viruses
     H00412  Hepatitis B [PATH:hsa05161]
   Infections caused by ssRNA-RT viruses
     H00009  Adult T-cell leukemia [PATH:hsa05166]
     H00406  Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) [PATH:hsa05170]
     H01563  HIV infection [PATH:hsa05170]
   Infections caused by dsRNA viruses
     H00975  Rotaviral enteritis
     H02165  Colorado tick fever
   Infections caused by +ssRNA viruses
     H00381  Dengue
     H00384  Yellow fever
     H01548  West Nile fever
     H01553  Zika fever
     H00416  Omsk hemorrhagic fever
     H01322  Kyasanur Forest disease
     H01560  Alkhumra hemorrhagic fever
     H01533  Japanese encephalitis
     H02166  Saint Louis encephalitis
     H01536  Murray Valley encephalitis
     H02171  Rocio viral encephalitis
     H00380  Tick-borne viral encephalitis
     H00413  Hepatitis C [PATH:hsa05160]
     H01540  Chikungunya fever
     H01545  O'nyong-nyong fever
     H01546  Mayaro fever
     H00397  Ross River fever
     H01534  Western equine encephalitis
     H01535  Eastern equine encephalitis
     H01547  Venezuelan equine encephalitis
     H00395  Rubella
     H01419  Middle East respiratory syndrome
     H00402  Severe acute respiratory syndrome
     H02398  COVID-19 [PATH:hsa05171]
     H02442  Common cold
     H00415  Hepatitis E
     H00411  Hepatitis A
     H00376  Acute poliomyelitis
     H00393  Enterovirus infection
     H01327  Herpangina
     H01326  Hand, foot and mouth disease
     H01421  Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
     H02413  Epidemic myalgia
     H01323  Enteritis due to Norovirus
   Infections caused by -ssRNA viruses
     H02509  Vesicular stomatitis fever
     H01541  Argentine hemorrhagic fever
     H01542  Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
     H01543  Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever
     H01544  Brazilian hemorrhagic fever
     H00386  Lassa fever
     H01324  Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
     H00389  Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
     H00390  Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
     H00284  Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
     H01549  Rift Valley fever
     H02164  Sandfly fever
     H01416  Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome
     H02512  Cache Valley virus infection
     H02511  Jamestown Canyon encephalitis
     H01537  La Crosse encephalitis
     H01550  Bunyamwera fever
     H02163  Oropouche fever
     H00283  Ebola disease
     H00405  Marburg disease
     H00391  Henipavirus infection
     H01538  Hendra virus infection
     H01539  Nipah virus infection
     H00394  Measles [PATH:hsa05162]
     H01696  Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
     H00400  Parainfluenza infection
     H00396  Mumps
     H01429  Aseptic meningitis
     H01063  Human metapneumovirus infection
     H00401  Respiratory syncytial virus infection
     H00378  Lyssavirus infection
     H00377  Rabies
     H00398  Influenza [PATH:hsa05164]
     H00399  Avian influenza [PATH:hsa05164]
     H00414  Hepatitis D
     H00385  South American hemorrhagic fever
     H02173  Arenaviral hemorrhagic fever
   Infections caused by dsDNA viruses
     H00371  Adenovirus infection
     H01320  Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis
     H01420  Pharyngoconjunctival fever
     H00387  B virus infection
     H00365  Herpes simplex virus infection [PATH:hsa05168]
     H00366  Varicella
     H01624  Postherpetic neuralgia
     H00368  Cytomegalovirus infection [PATH:hsa05163]
     H00369  Exanthema subitum
     H00367  Infectious mononucleosis [PATH:hsa05169]
     H00041  Kaposi sarcoma [PATH:hsa05167]
     H01418  Condyloma acuminatum
     H00374  Viral wart
     H00373  Monkeypox
     H00372  Smallpox
     H02351  Cowpox
     H02352  Vaccinia
     H02354  Orf
     H01052  Molluscum contagiosum
     H00370  Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
   Infections caused by ssDNA viruses
     H00404  Erythema infectiosum
   Infections caused by viruses
     H02162  Viral hepatitis
     H00379  Mosquito-borne viral encephalitis
     H00382  Mosquito-borne viral fever
     H00383  Arthropod-borne viral fever
     H01417  Acute encephalitis
     H01430  Viral gastroenteritis
 Bacterial infections
 Parasitic infections (protists)
 Parasitic infections (animals)

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