KEGG Orthology (KO)

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 09100 Metabolism
   09101 Carbohydrate metabolism
   09102 Energy metabolism
   09103 Lipid metabolism
   09104 Nucleotide metabolism
   09105 Amino acid metabolism
   09106 Metabolism of other amino acids
   09107 Glycan biosynthesis and metabolism
   09108 Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
   09109 Metabolism of terpenoids and polyketides
   09110 Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
     00940 Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00940]
     00945 Stilbenoid, diarylheptanoid and gingerol biosynthesis [PATH:ko00945]
     00941 Flavonoid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00941]
     00944 Flavone and flavonol biosynthesis [PATH:ko00944]
     00942 Anthocyanin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00942]
     00943 Isoflavonoid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00943]
     00901 Indole alkaloid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00901]
     00403 Indole diterpene alkaloid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00403]
     00950 Isoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00950]
     00960 Tropane, piperidine and pyridine alkaloid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00960]
     01058 Acridone alkaloid biosynthesis [PATH:ko01058]
     00232 Caffeine metabolism [PATH:ko00232]
     00965 Betalain biosynthesis [PATH:ko00965]
     00966 Glucosinolate biosynthesis [PATH:ko00966]
     00402 Benzoxazinoid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00402]
     00311 Penicillin and cephalosporin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00311]
     00332 Carbapenem biosynthesis [PATH:ko00332]
     00261 Monobactam biosynthesis [PATH:ko00261]
     00331 Clavulanic acid biosynthesis [PATH:ko00331]
     00521 Streptomycin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00521]
     00524 Neomycin, kanamycin and gentamicin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00524]
     00525 Acarbose and validamycin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00525]
     00401 Novobiocin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00401]
       K12701  novH; novobiocin biosynthesis protein NovH
       K12702  novI, CYP163A; novobiocin biosynthesis protein NovI
       K12703  novJ; novobiocin biosynthesis protein NovJ
       K12704  novK; novobiocin biosynthesis protein NovK
       K04517  tyrA2; prephenate dehydrogenase [EC:]
       K14187  tyrA; chorismate mutase / prephenate dehydrogenase [EC:]
       K00220  tyrC; cyclohexadieny/prephenate dehydrogenase [EC:]
       K24018  K24018; cyclohexadieny/prephenate dehydrogenase / 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase [EC:]
       K00812  aspB; aspartate aminotransferase [EC:]
       K00813  aspC; aspartate aminotransferase [EC:]
       K11358  yhdR; aspartate aminotransferase [EC:]
       K00815  TAT; tyrosine aminotransferase [EC:]
       K00817  hisC; histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase [EC:]
       K00832  tyrB; aromatic-amino-acid transaminase [EC:]
       K00838  ARO8; aromatic amino acid aminotransferase I / 2-aminoadipate transaminase [EC:]
       K12707  novQ, cloQ; 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate 3-dimethylallyltransferase [EC:]
       K12708  novR, cloR; 4-hydroxy-3-prenylphenylpyruvate oxygenase / 4-hydroxy-3-prenylbenzoate synthase [EC:]
       K12709  novL, cloL, couL; 8-demethylnovobiocic acid synthase [EC:]
       K12705  novO, couO; 8-demethylnovobiocic acid C8-methyltransferase [EC:]
       K12711  novM, cloM, couM; L-demethylnoviosyl transferase [EC:]
       K12712  novP, cloP, couP; demethyldecarbamoylnovobiocin O-methyltransferase [EC:]
       K12713  novN; decarbamoylnovobiocin carbamoyltransferase [EC:]
       K12714  clohal; clorobiocin biosynthesis protein Clo-hal
       K12719  cloN4, couN4; L-proline---[L-prolyl-carrier protein] ligase [EC:]
       K12720  cloN5, couN5; peptidyl carrier protein
       K12721  cloN3, couN3; L-prolyl-[peptidyl-carrier protein] dehydrogenase [EC:]
       K12723  cloN2; clorobiocin biosynthesis protein CloN2
       K17626  cloN1; clorobiocin biosynthesis protein CloN1
       K12722  cloN6, couN6; clorobiocin/coumermycin A biosynthesis protein CloN6/CouN6
       K12724  cloN7, couN7; clorobiocin/coumermycin A biosynthesis protein CloN7/CouN7
     00404 Staurosporine biosynthesis [PATH:ko00404]
     00405 Phenazine biosynthesis [PATH:ko00405]
     00333 Prodigiosin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00333]
     00254 Aflatoxin biosynthesis [PATH:ko00254]
     00999 Biosynthesis of various secondary metabolites - part 1 [PATH:ko00999]
     00998 Biosynthesis of various secondary metabolites - part 2 [PATH:ko00998]
     00997 Biosynthesis of various secondary metabolites - part 3 [PATH:ko00997]
   09111 Xenobiotics biodegradation and metabolism
   09112 Not included in regular maps
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
 09140 Cellular Processes
 09150 Organismal Systems
 09160 Human Diseases
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite

Last updated: January 22, 2021