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 1. Oxidoreductases
 2. Transferases
 3. Hydrolases
   3.1  Acting on ester bonds
   3.2  Glycosylases
   3.3  Acting on ether bonds
   3.4  Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
   3.5  Acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds
   3.6  Acting on acid anhydrides
     3.6.1  In phosphorus-containing anhydrides  inorganic diphosphatase  trimetaphosphatase  apyrase  nucleoside diphosphate phosphatase  acylphosphatase  ATP diphosphatase  nucleotide diphosphatase  endopolyphosphatase  exopolyphosphatase  dCTP diphosphatase  ADP-ribose diphosphatase  adenosine-tetraphosphatase  nucleoside-triphosphate phosphatase  CDP-glycerol diphosphatase  bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase (asymmetrical)  FAD diphosphatase  5'-acylphosphoadenosine hydrolase  ADP-sugar diphosphatase  NAD+ diphosphatase  dUTP diphosphatase  nucleoside phosphoacylhydrolase  triphosphatase  CDP-diacylglycerol diphosphatase  undecaprenyl-diphosphate phosphatase  thiamine-triphosphatase  bis(5'-adenosyl)-triphosphatase  phosphoribosyl-ATP diphosphatase  thymidine-triphosphatase  guanosine-5'-triphosphate,3'-diphosphate phosphatase  bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase (symmetrical)  guanosine-diphosphatase  dolichyldiphosphatase  oligosaccharide-diphosphodolichol diphosphatase  UDP-sugar diphosphatase  diphosphoinositol-polyphosphate diphosphatase  Mn2+-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase  UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine diphosphatase  8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase  2-hydroxy-dATP diphosphatase  UDP-2,4-diacetamido-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose hydrolase  8-oxo-dGDP phosphatase  5'-(N7-methyl 5'-triphosphoguanosine)-[mRNA] diphosphatase  diadenosine hexaphosphate hydrolase (AMP-forming)  diadenosine hexaphosphate hydrolase (ATP-forming)  5'-(N7-methylguanosine 5'-triphospho)-[mRNA] hydrolase  alpha-D-ribose 1-methylphosphonate 5-triphosphate diphosphatase  inosine diphosphate phosphatase  (d)CTP diphosphatase  XTP/dITP diphosphatase  dihydroneopterin triphosphate diphosphatase  geranyl diphosphate phosphohydrolase  8-oxo-(d)GTP phosphatase  guanosine-5'-diphospho-5'-[DNA] diphosphatase  adenosine-5'-diphospho-5'-[DNA] diphosphatase  DNA-3'-diphospho-5'-guanosine diphosphatase  inosine/xanthosine triphosphatase
         K01098  CET1; polynucleotide 5'-triphosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K01509  ENTPD2; adenosinetriphosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K01519  ITPA; inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K03207  wcaH; colanic acid biosynthesis protein WcaH [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K06949  rsgA, engC; ribosome biogenesis GTPase / thiamine phosphate phosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K07043  upp; UTP pyrophosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K08311  nudH; putative (di)nucleoside polyphosphate hydrolase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K08312  nudE; ADP-ribose diphosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K11938  cof; HMP-PP phosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K12152  nudJ; phosphatase NudJ [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K12944  nudI; nucleoside triphosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K12945  nudK; GDP-mannose pyrophosphatase NudK [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K13355  NUDT19; nucleoside diphosphate-linked moiety X motif 19, mitochondrial [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K13522  K13522, nadM; bifunctional NMN adenylyltransferase/nudix hydrolase [EC: 3.6.1.-]
         K13917  RNGTT; mRNA-capping enzyme [EC: 3.6.1.-]
         K14539  LSG1; large subunit GTPase 1 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K14643  ENTPD7; ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 7 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K15078  SLX1; structure-specific endonuclease subunit SLX1 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K17879  NUDT7; peroxisomal coenzyme A diphosphatase NUDT7 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K18568  thnR; CoA pyrophosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K18665  NUDT8; nudix motif 8 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K19597  golT; Au+-exporting ATPase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K22530  ATAD1; ATPase family AAA domain-containing protein 1 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K22531  ATAD2; ATPase family AAA domain-containing protein 2 [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K24000  fomD; HPP-CMP hydrolase [EC:3.6.1.-]
         K24283  elg6; UDP-2,4-diacetamido-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-gulopyranose hydrolase [EC:3.6.1.-]
     3.6.2  In sulfonyl-containing anhydrides
     3.6.3  Catalysing transmembrane movement of substances
     3.6.4  Acting on acid anhydrides to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
     3.6.5  Acting on GTP to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
     3.6.-  Acting on acid anhydrides
   3.7  Acting on carbon-carbon bonds
   3.8  Acting on halide bonds
   3.9  Acting on phosphorus-nitrogen bonds
   3.10  Acting on sulfur-nitrogen bonds
   3.11  Acting on carbon-phosphorus bonds
   3.12  Acting on sulfur-sulfur bonds
   3.13  Acting on carbon-sulfur bonds
 4. Lyases
 5. Isomerases
 6. Ligases
 7. Translocases

Last updated: January 23, 2021
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