Cytokines and Growth Factors - Monomorium pharaonis (pharaoh ant)

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 Growth factors
   Growth factors (RTK binding)
     105833695 vascular endothelial growth factor A-A-like
     105840098 uncharacterized protein LOC105840098
     105831911 fibroblast growth factor 1-like
     105839408 fibroblast growth factor 17 isoform X2
     105840254 insulin-like growth factor I isoform X1
     105836011 uncharacterized protein LOC105836011 isoform X1
K16858 VEGFB; vascular endothelial growth factor B 
K16859 PGF; placenta growth factor 
K18496 FGF1; fibroblast growth factor 1 
K04358 FGF; fibroblast growth factor 
K05459 IGF1; insulin-like growth factor 1 
K05463 EFNB; ephrin-B 

Last updated: October 20, 2020
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