DNA Repair and Recombination Proteins - Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)

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 Eukaryotic type
   SSBR (single strand breaks repair)
     Direct repair
     BER (base exicision repair)
     NER (nucleotide excision repair)
       GGR (global genome repair) factors
       TCR (transcription coupled repair) factors
       TFIIH complex
       RPA (replication factor A)
       Other NER factors
         108178030 XPA; XPA, DNA damage recognition and repair factor
         100348713 ERCC1; ERCC excision repair 1, endonuclease non-catalytic subunit
         100350642 ERCC4; ERCC excision repair 4, endonuclease catalytic subunit
         108175387 ERCC5; ERCC excision repair 5, endonuclease
         100340979 LIG1; DNA ligase 1
         100347339 MMS19; MMS19 homolog, cytosolic iron-sulfur assembly component
         100338738 CUL3; cullin 3
         100009207 CUL5; cullin 5
         100341083 ELOC; elongin C
         100355441 transcription elongation factor B polypeptide 1-like
         100340879 ELOB; elongin B
         100357661 ELOA; elongin A
         100339926 transcription elongation factor B polypeptide 3
         100354413 transcription elongation factor B polypeptide 3-like
K10847 XPA; DNA-repair protein complementing XP-A cells 
K10849 ERCC1; DNA excision repair protein ERCC-1 
K10848 ERCC4; DNA excision repair protein ERCC-4 [EC:3.1.-.-] 
K10846 ERCC5; DNA excision repair protein ERCC-5 
K10747 LIG1; DNA ligase 1 [EC:] 
K15075 MET18; DNA repair/transcription protein MET18/MMS19 
K03869 CUL3; cullin 3 
K10612 CUL5; cullin 5 
K03872 ELOC; elongin-C 
K03872 ELOC; elongin-C 
K03873 ELOB; elongin-B 
K15076 ELOA; elongin-A 
K15076 ELOA; elongin-A 
K15076 ELOA; elongin-A 
     MMR (mismatch excision repair)
   DSBR (double strand breaks repair)
   TLS (translesion DNA synthesis) factors
   Check point factors
   Other factors with a suspected DNA repair function
 Prokaryotic type

Last updated: March 4, 2021