KEGG Orthology (KO) - Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum

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 09100 Metabolism
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
 09140 Cellular Processes
 09150 Organismal Systems
 09160 Human Diseases
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite
   09191 Unclassified: metabolism
     99980 Enzymes with EC numbers
       CDC45_22355 gluconate 5-dehydrogenase
       CDC45_09085 gluconate 5-dehydrogenase
       CDC45_22360 L-idonate 5-dehydrogenase
       CDC45_05260 short-chain dehydrogenase
       CDC45_00865 short-chain dehydrogenase
       CDC45_07715 aldo/keto reductase
       CDC45_05925 2
       CDC45_07575 carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
       CDC45_07565 carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
       CDC45_07570 carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
       CDC45_09400 indolepyruvate oxidoreductase subunit B
       CDC45_15950 indolepyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase
       CDC45_09100 NADP-dependent oxidoreductase
       CDC45_19240 (2Fe-2S)-binding protein
       CDC45_09730 (2Fe-2S)-binding protein
       CDC45_03240 isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase
       CDC45_19245 carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
       CDC45_09725 acylaldehyde oxidase
       CDC45_03245 twin-arginine translocation pathway signal protein
       CDC45_24790 NAD(P)/FAD-dependent oxidoreductase
       CDC45_23375 NADPH-dependent F420 reductase
       CDC45_08070 electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase
       CDC45_02745 NAD(P)/FAD-dependent oxidoreductase
       CDC45_06205 NADPH:quinone oxidoreductase
       CDC45_10545 NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase
       CDC45_11145 quinone oxidoreductase
       CDC45_11865 flavodoxin family protein
       CDC45_23940 FMN-dependent NADH-azoreductase
       CDC45_18850 alkyl hydroperoxide reductase subunit F
       CDC45_03955 msrA; peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase
       CDC45_09005 msrB; peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase
       CDC45_10335 thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase
       CDC45_15200 mononuclear molybdenum enzyme YedY
       CDC45_08395 hypothetical protein
       CDC45_23510 cytochrome-c peroxidase
       CDC45_21205 diacylglycerol kinase
       CDC45_06790 peroxiredoxin
       CDC45_14200 2-Cys peroxiredoxin
       CDC45_03905 peroxidase
       CDC45_18845 ahpC; peroxiredoxin
       CDC45_19250 organic hydroperoxide resistance protein
       CDC45_23170 organic hydroperoxide resistance protein
       CDC45_08475 carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase family protein
       CDC45_08480 peroxiredoxin
       CDC45_11265 pirin family protein
       CDC45_02800 pirin family protein
       CDC45_18665 carotenoid oxygenase
       CDC45_25315 2-oxoglutarate-dependent ethylene/succinate-forming enzyme
       CDC45_17375 flavohemoprotein
       CDC45_24800 ornithine monooxygenase
       CDC45_18710 flavin-dependent monooxygenase
       CDC45_06730 ferredoxin--NADP reductase
       CDC45_16725 arsC; arsenate reductase (glutaredoxin)
       CDC45_23275 arsenate reductase ArsC
       CDC45_22465 anaerobic ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase activating protein
       CDC45_06215 protein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase
       CDC45_03605 protein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase
       CDC45_24905 cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase
       CDC45_03965 SAM-dependent methyltransferase
       CDC45_25935 class I SAM-dependent methyltransferase
       CDC45_20115 methionine biosynthesis protein MetW
       CDC45_13950 RNA methyltransferase
       CDC45_25120 hypothetical protein
       CDC45_21550 carbamoyltransferase
       CDC45_18575 beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase III
       CDC45_02715 apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase
       CDC45_19115 GNAT family N-acetyltransferase
       CDC45_16015 N-acetyltransferase
       CDC45_08325 leucyl/phenylalanyl-tRNA--protein transferase
       CDC45_18135 transglutaminase
       CDC45_08320 arginyltransferase
       CDC45_12270 prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase
       CDC45_02545 anhydro-N-acetylmuramic acid kinase
       CDC45_03155 FAD:protein FMN transferase
       CDC45_24505 FAD:protein FMN transferase
       CDC45_07310 phosphoenolpyruvate synthase regulatory protein
       CDC45_13515 [glutamate--ammonia-ligase] adenylyltransferase
       CDC45_09010 hypothetical protein
       CDC45_01435 bifunctional isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase/phosphatase
       CDC45_02075 HPr kinase/phosphorylase
       CDC45_01715 O-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylase
       CDC45_09130 alpha/beta hydrolase
       CDC45_18775 esterase
       CDC45_16940 alpha/beta hydrolase
       CDC45_23175 alpha/beta hydrolase
       CDC45_13190 carboxylesterase/lipase family protein
       CDC45_09135 MFS transporter
       CDC45_19445 4-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA thioesterase
       CDC45_03785 ybgC; tol-pal system-associated acyl-CoA thioesterase
       CDC45_25940 thioesterase
       CDC45_05850 phosphatase
       CDC45_07895 sixA; phosphohistidine phosphatase SixA
       CDC45_09200 TatD family deoxyribonuclease
       CDC45_05745 TatD family deoxyribonuclease
       CDC45_03500 Holliday junction resolvase RuvX
       CDC45_04520 glycoside hydrolase
       CDC45_16315 glycoside hydrolase
       CDC45_09050 exo-poly-galacturonase signal peptide protein
       CDC45_04400 Clp protease ClpP
       CDC45_09245 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase
       CDC45_23590 D-aminoacylase
       CDC45_00360 peptide deformylase
       CDC45_07205 peptide deformylase
       CDC45_12960 acylase
       CDC45_13525 acyltransferase
       CDC45_23885 RidA family protein
       CDC45_25245 RidA family protein
       CDC45_14710 adenylate cyclase
       CDC45_18125 MoxR family ATPase
       CDC45_06450 hrpA; ATP-dependent helicase
       CDC45_08880 bifunctional ADP-dependent NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase/NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase
       CDC45_25250 serine dehydratase
       CDC45_00105 hydroxypyruvate isomerase
       CDC45_01225 methylmalonyl-CoA mutase
       CDC45_18750 feruloyl-CoA synthase
       CDC45_14160 mpl; UDP-N-acetylmuramate:L-alanyl-gamma-D-glutamyl-meso-diaminopimelate ligase
       CDC45_01170 RNA 3'-phosphate cyclase
       CDC45_05145 ferredoxin
       CDC45_06565 copper-translocating P-type ATPase
       CDC45_19210 heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
K00046 idnO; gluconate 5-dehydrogenase [EC:]
K00046 idnO; gluconate 5-dehydrogenase [EC:]
K00098 idnD; L-idonate 5-dehydrogenase [EC:]
K16216 yueD; benzil reductase ((S)-benzoin forming) [EC:]
K16652 dprE2; decaprenylphospho-beta-D-erythro-pentofuranosid-2-ulose 2-reductase [EC:]
K06221 dkgA; 2,5-diketo-D-gluconate reductase A [EC:]
K06222 dkgB; 2,5-diketo-D-gluconate reductase B [EC:]
K03518 coxS; aerobic carbon-monoxide dehydrogenase small subunit [EC:]
K03519 coxM; aerobic carbon-monoxide dehydrogenase medium subunit [EC:]
K03520 coxL; aerobic carbon-monoxide dehydrogenase large subunit [EC:]
K00180 iorB; indolepyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, beta subunit [EC:]
K04090 E1.2.7.8; indolepyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase [EC:]
K23256 curA; NADPH-dependent curcumin reductase [EC:1.3.1.-]
K07302 iorA; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit alpha [EC:]
K07302 iorA; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit alpha [EC:]
K07302 iorA; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit alpha [EC:]
K07303 iorB; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit beta [EC:]
K07303 iorB; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit beta [EC:]
K07303 iorB; isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase subunit beta [EC:]
K21401 menJ; menaquinone-9 beta-reductase [EC:]
K06988 fno; 8-hydroxy-5-deazaflavin:NADPH oxidoreductase [EC:]
K00311 ETFDH; electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase [EC:]
K18208 RNLS; renalase [EC:]
K00344 qor; NADPH:quinone reductase [EC:]
K00344 qor; NADPH:quinone reductase [EC:]
K00344 qor; NADPH:quinone reductase [EC:]
K03923 mdaB; NADPH dehydrogenase (quinone) [EC:]
K01118 acpD; FMN-dependent NADH-azoreductase [EC:]
K03387 ahpF; NADH-dependent peroxiredoxin subunit F [EC:1.8.1.-]
K07304 msrA; peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase [EC:]
K07305 msrB; peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase [EC:]
K11209 yghU; GSH-dependent disulfide-bond oxidoreductase [EC:1.8.4.-]
K07147 msrP; methionine sulfoxide reductase catalytic subunit [EC:1.8.-.-]
K05810 yfiH; polyphenol oxidase [EC:1.10.3.-]
K00428 E1.11.1.5; cytochrome c peroxidase [EC:]
K00428 E1.11.1.5; cytochrome c peroxidase [EC:]
K03564 BCP; thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin [EC:]
K11065 tpx; thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin [EC:]
K24158 prx; thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin [EC:]
K24119 ahpC; NADH-dependent peroxiredoxin subunit C [EC:]
K04063 osmC; lipoyl-dependent peroxiredoxin [EC:]
K04063 osmC; lipoyl-dependent peroxiredoxin [EC:]
K04756 ahpD; lipoyl-dependent peroxiredoxin subunit D [EC:]
K24126 ahpC; lipoyl-dependent peroxiredoxin subunit C [EC:]
K06911 PIR; quercetin 2,3-dioxygenase [EC:]
K06911 PIR; quercetin 2,3-dioxygenase [EC:]
K00464 diox1; all-trans-8'-apo-beta-carotenal 15,15'-oxygenase [EC:]
K21815 efe; 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase / 2-oxoglutarate/L-arginine monooxygenase/decarboxylase [EC:]
K05916 hmp; nitric oxide dioxygenase [EC:]
K10531 pvdA; L-ornithine N5-monooxygenase [EC:]
K22027 iacA; indole-3-acetate monooxygenase [EC:]
K00528 fpr; ferredoxin/flavodoxin---NADP+ reductase [EC:]
K00537 arsC; arsenate reductase (glutaredoxin) [EC:]
K03741 arsC; arsenate reductase (thioredoxin) [EC:]
K04069 pflA; pyruvate formate lyase activating enzyme [EC:]
K00573 E2.1.1.77; protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00573 E2.1.1.77; protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00574 cfa; cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase [EC:]
K00574 cfa; cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase [EC:]
K00574 cfa; cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase [EC:]
K16868 tehB; tellurite methyltransferase [EC:]
K07444 ypsC; putative N6-adenine-specific DNA methylase [EC:2.1.1.-]
K00612 nodU; carbamoyltransferase [EC:2.1.3.-]
K00612 nodU; carbamoyltransferase [EC:2.1.3.-]
K16872 E2.3.1.207; beta-ketodecanoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase [EC:]
K03820 lnt; apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase [EC:]
K03830 yafP; putative acetyltransferase [EC:2.3.1.-]
K24217 mnaT; L-amino acid N-acyltransferase [EC:2.3.1.-]
K00684 aat; leucyl/phenylalanyl-tRNA---protein transferase [EC:]
K22452 tgpA; protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase [EC:]
K21420 bpt; leucyl-tRNA---protein transferase [EC:]
K13292 lgt; phosphatidylglycerol---prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase [EC:]
K09001 anmK; anhydro-N-acetylmuramic acid kinase [EC:]
K03734 apbE; FAD:protein FMN transferase [EC:]
K03734 apbE; FAD:protein FMN transferase [EC:]
K09773 ppsR; [pyruvate, water dikinase]-phosphate phosphotransferase / [pyruvate, water dikinase] kinase [EC:]
K00982 glnE; [glutamine synthetase] adenylyltransferase / [glutamine synthetase]-adenylyl-L-tyrosine phosphorylase [EC:]
K08997 SELENOO; serine/tyrosine/threonine adenylyltransferase [EC:2.7.7.-]
K00906 aceK; isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase/phosphatase [EC: 3.1.3.-]
K06023 hprK; HPr kinase/phosphorylase [EC:2.7.11.- 2.7.4.-]
K23518 MACROD; O-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylase [EC:]
K01066 aes; acetyl esterase [EC:3.1.1.-]
K01066 aes; acetyl esterase [EC:3.1.1.-]
K01066 aes; acetyl esterase [EC:3.1.1.-]
K01066 aes; acetyl esterase [EC:3.1.1.-]
K03929 pnbA; para-nitrobenzyl esterase [EC:3.1.1.-]
K07107 ybgC; acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase [EC:3.1.2.-]
K07107 ybgC; acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase [EC:3.1.2.-]
K07107 ybgC; acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase [EC:3.1.2.-]
K07107 ybgC; acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase [EC:3.1.2.-]
K07053 E3.1.3.97; 3',5'-nucleoside bisphosphate phosphatase [EC:]
K08296 sixA; phosphohistidine phosphatase [EC:3.1.3.-]
K03424 tatD; TatD DNase family protein [EC:3.1.21.-]
K03424 tatD; TatD DNase family protein [EC:3.1.21.-]
K07447 ruvX; putative holliday junction resolvase [EC:3.1.-.-]
K01185 E3.2.1.17; lysozyme [EC:]
K01185 E3.2.1.17; lysozyme [EC:]
K18650 pehX; exo-poly-alpha-galacturonosidase [EC:]
K21511 GPC; capsid assembly protease [EC:3.4.21.-]
K01447 xlyAB; N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase [EC:]
K06015 E3.5.1.81; N-acyl-D-amino-acid deacylase [EC:]
K01462 PDF; peptide deformylase [EC:]
K01462 PDF; peptide deformylase [EC:]
K07116 pvdQ; acyl-homoserine-lactone acylase [EC:]
K11206 NIT1; deaminated glutathione amidase [EC:]
K09022 ridA; 2-iminobutanoate/2-iminopropanoate deaminase [EC:]
K09022 ridA; 2-iminobutanoate/2-iminopropanoate deaminase [EC:]
K18446 ygiF; triphosphatase [EC:]
K03924 moxR; MoxR-like ATPase [EC:3.6.3.-]
K03578 hrpA; ATP-dependent helicase HrpA [EC:]
K23997 nnr; ADP-dependent NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase / NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase [EC:]
K22589 thadh; threo-3-hydroxy-L-aspartate ammonia-lyase [EC:]
K22131 otnI; 2-dehydrotetronate isomerase [EC:]
K11942 icmF; isobutyryl-CoA mutase [EC:]
K12508 fcs; feruloyl-CoA synthase [EC:]
K02558 mpl; UDP-N-acetylmuramate: L-alanyl-gamma-D-glutamyl-meso-diaminopimelate ligase [EC:]
K01974 RTCA; RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase (ATP) [EC:]
K03616 rnfB; Na+-translocating ferredoxin:NAD+ oxidoreductase subunit B [EC:]
K01533 copB; P-type Cu2+ transporter [EC:]
K01534 zntA; Zn2+/Cd2+-exporting ATPase [EC:]
     99981 Carbohydrate metabolism
     99982 Energy metabolism
     99983 Lipid metabolism
     99984 Nucleotide metabolism
     99985 Amino acid metabolism
     99986 Glycan metabolism
     99987 Cofactor metabolism
     99988 Secondary metabolism
     99999 Others
   09192 Unclassified: genetic information processing
   09193 Unclassified: signaling and cellular processes
   09194 Poorly characterized

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