Transporters - Veillonella parvula

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 ABC transporters, eukaryotic type
 ABC transporters, prokaryotic type
 Solute carrier family (SLC)
 Major facilitator superfamily (MFS)
 Phosphotransferase system (PTS)
   Enzyme I and HPr
   Enzyme II [TC:4.A]
     Glucose-specific II component
     Glucose-specific II component
     N-Acetylglucosamine-specific II component
     Maltose/glucose-specific II component
     Maltose-specific II component
     D-Glucosamine-specific II component
     Sucrose-specific II component
     Beta-glucoside-specific II component
     Beta-glucoside (arbutin/salicin/cellobiose)-specific II component
     Trehalose-specific II component
     N-Acetylmuramic acid-specific II component
     Alpha-glucoside-specific II component
     Fructose-specific II component
     Fructose-specific II-like component
     Mannitol-specific II component
     2-O-A-Mannosyl-D-glycerate-specific II component
     Lactose-specific II component
     Cellobiose-specific II component
     Glucitol/sorbitol-specific II component
     Galactitol-specific II component
     Galactose-specific II component
     Mannose-specific II component
     Fructoselysine/glucoselysine-specific II component
     Fructose-specific II component
     Sorbose-specific II component
     N-Acetylgalactosamine-specific II component
     Galactosamine-specific II component
     D-Glucosaminate-specific II component
     Ascorbate-specific II component
       Vpar_1348 putative PTS IIA-like nitrogen-regulatory protein PtsN
       Vpar_1347 phosphotransferase system lactose/cellobiose-specific IIB subunit
       Vpar_1346 putative sugar-specific permease SgaT/UlaA
K02821 ulaC; ascorbate PTS system EIIA or EIIAB component [EC:] 
K02822 ulaB; ascorbate PTS system EIIB component [EC:] 
K03475 ulaA; ascorbate PTS system EIIC component 
     Nitrogen regulatory II component
     EI/HPr/EIIA hybrid protein
 Other transporters

Last updated: February 25, 2021
ABC classifications based on Igarashi et al. (2004) and Tomii & Kanehisa (1998)
MFS classification taken from TCDB