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H00606 Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy
Ohtahara syndrome
Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) is characterized by frequent tonic spasms of early onset within a few months of life, and a suppression-burst pattern in electroencephalography (EEG). Many ... Nervous system diseases hsa04723 Retrograde endocannabinoid signaling
hsa04727 GABAergic synapse
hsa04724 Glutamatergic synapse
hsa04728 Dopaminergic synapse
hsa04726 Serotonergic synapse
(EIEE1) ARX [HSA:170302] [KO:K09452]
(EIEE2) CDKL5 [HSA:6792] [KO:K08824]
(EIEE3) SLC25A22 [HSA:79751] [KO:K15107]
(EIEE4) STXBP1 [HSA:6812] [KO:K15292]
(EIEE5) SPTAN1 [HSA:6709] [KO:K06114]
(EIEE7) KCNQ2 [HSA:3785] [KO:K04927]
(EIEE8) ARHGEF9 [HSA:23229] [KO:K20686]
(EIEE9) PCDH19 [HSA:57526] [KO:K16499]
(EIEE10) PNKP [HSA:11284] [KO:K08073]
(EIEE11) SCN2A1 [HSA:6326] [KO:K04834]
(EIEE12) PLCB1 [HSA:23236] [KO:K05858]
(EIEE13) SCN8A [HSA:6334] [KO:K04840]
(EIEE15) ST3GAL3 [HSA:6487] [KO:K00781]
(EIEE16) TBC1D24 [HSA:57465] [KO:K21841]
(EIEE17) GNAO1 [HSA:2775] [KO:K04534]
(EIEE18) SZT2 [HSA:23334] [KO:K23298]
(EIEE19) GABRA1 [HSA:2554] [KO:K05175]
(EIEE21) NECAP1 [HSA:25977] [KO:K20069]
(EIEE22) SLC35A2 [HSA:7355] [KO:K15272]
(EIEE23) DOCK7 [HSA:85440] [KO:K21852]
(EIEE24) HCN1 [HSA:348980] [KO:K04954]
(EIEE25) SLC13A5 [HSA:284111] [KO:K14445]
(EIEE26) KCNB1 [HSA:3745] [KO:K04885]
(EIEE27) GRIN2B [HSA:2904] [KO:K05210]
(EIEE28) WWOX [HSA:51741] [KO:K19329]
(EIEE29) AARS [HSA:16] [KO:K01872]
(EIEE30) SIK1 [HSA:150094] [KO:K19008]
(EIEE31) DNM1 [HSA:1759] [KO:K01528]
(EIEE32) KCNA2 [HSA:3737] [KO:K04875]
(EIEE33) EEF1A2 [HSA:1917] [KO:K03231]
(EIEE34) SLC12A5 [HSA:57468] [KO:K23967]
(EIEE35) ITPA [HSA:3704] [KO:K01519]
(EIEE36) ALG13 [HSA:79868] [KO:K07432]
(EIEE37) FRRS1L [HSA:23732]
(EIEE38) ARV1 [HSA:64801] [KO:K21848]
(EIEE40) GUF1 [HSA:60558] [KO:K21594]
(EIEE41) SLC1A2 [HSA:6506] [KO:K05613]
(EIEE42) CACNA1A [HSA:773] [KO:K04344]
(EIEE43) GABRB3 [HSA:2562] [KO:K05181]
(EIEE44) UBA5 [HSA:79876] [KO:K12164]
(EIEE45) GABRB1 [HSA:2560] [KO:K05181]
(EIEE46) GRIN2D [HSA:2906] [KO:K05212]
(EIEE47) FGF12 [HSA:2257] [KO:K22413]
(EIEE48) AP3B2 [HSA:8120] [KO:K12397]
(EIEE49) DENND5A [HSA:23258] [KO:K20164]
(EIEE50) CAD [HSA:790] [KO:K11540]
(EIEE51) MDH2 [HSA:4191] [KO:K00026]
(EIEE52) SCN1B [HSA:6324] [KO:K04845]
(EIEE53) SYNJ1 [HSA:8867] [KO:K20279]
(EIEE54) HNRNPU [HSA:3192] [KO:K12888]
(EIEE55) PIGP [HSA:51227] [KO:K03861]
(EIEE56) YWHAG [HSA:7532] [KO:K16198]
(EIEE57) KCNT2 [HSA:343450] [KO:K04947]
(EIEE58) NTRK2 [HSA:4915] [KO:K04360]
(EIEE59) GABBR2 [HSA:9568] [KO:K04615]
(EIEE60) CNPY3 [HSA:10695] [KO:K22816]
(EIEE61) ADAM22 [HSA:53616] [KO:K16068]
(EIEE62) SCN3A [HSA:6328] [KO:K04836]
(EIEE63) CPLX1 [HSA:10815] [KO:K15294]
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