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H00626 Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is one of the most common forms of glomerular disorders leading to end stage kidney disease (ESKD). FSGS is defined as a clinicopathologic syndrome manifesting ... Urinary system disease (FSGS1) ACTN4 [HSA:81] [KO:K05699]
(FSGS2) TRPC6 [HSA:7225] [KO:K04969]
(FSGS3) CD2AP [HSA:23607] [KO:K13738]
(FSGS4) APOL1 [HSA:8542] [KO:K23585]
(FSGS5) INF2 [HSA:64423]
(FSGS6) MYO1E [HSA:4643] [KO:K10356]
(FSGS7) PAX2 [HSA:5076] [KO:K15608]
(FSGS8) ANLN [HSA:54443] [KO:K18621]
(FSGS9) CRB2 [HSA:286204] [KO:K16681]
H01026 Renal coloboma syndrome
Papillorenal syndrome
... optic nerve dysplasia and oligomeganephronic renal hypodysplasia. Mutations in the paired-box gene, PAX2, have been identified in approximately half of individuals with clinical findings suggestive of ... Congenital malformation PAX2 [HSA:5076] [KO:K15608]
H01351 Spastic ataxia Spastic ataxia (SPAX) is a heterogeneous group of progressive neurodegenerative disorders, characterized by lower-limb spasticity and generalized ataxia with dysarthria, impaired ocular movements, and ... Neurodegenerative disease hsa00970 Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis (SPAX1) VAMP1 [HSA:6843] [KO:K08510]
(SPAX2) KIF1C [HSA:10749] [KO:K10392]
(SPAX3/ARSAL) MARS2 [HSA:92935] [KO:K01874]
(SPAX4) MTPAP [HSA:55149] [KO:K18060]
(SPAX5) AFG3L2 [HSA:10939] [KO:K08956]
(SPAX6/ARSACS) SACS [HSA:26278] [KO:K17592]
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