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H00032 Thyroid cancer ... molecular features of FTC are the prominence of aneuploidy and the high prevalence of RAS mutations and PAX8-PPAR{gamma} rearrangements. p53 seems to play a crucial role in the dedifferentiation process of ... Cancer hsa05216 Thyroid cancer
hsa05202 Transcriptional misregulation in cancer
RET/PTC1 (rearrangement) [HSA:5979 8030] [KO:K05126 K09288]
RET/PTC3 (rearrangement) [HSA:5979 8031] [KO:K05126 K09289]
TPM3/NTRK1 (rearrangement) [HSA:4914 7170] [KO:K03176 K09290]
TPR/NTRK1 (rearrangement) [HSA:7175 7170] [KO:K09291 K09290]
TFG/NTRK1 (rearrangement) [HSA:10342 7170] [KO:K09292 K09290]
H-ras (mutation) [HSA:3265] [KO:K02833]
K-ras (mutation) [HSA:3845] [KO:K07827]
N-ras (mutation) [HSA:4893] [KO:K07828]
BRAF (mutation) [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
PAX8/PPARgamma (rearrangement) [HSA:7849 5468] [KO:K09293 K08530]
beta-Catenin (mutation) [HSA:1499] [KO:K02105]
p53 (mutation) [HSA:7157] [KO:K04451]
E-cadherin (downregulation) [HSA:999] [KO:K05689]
H00250 Congenital nongoitrous hypothyroidism (CHNG) Congenital nongoitrous hypothyroidism is characterized as resistance to thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) causing increased levels of plasma TSH and low levels of thyroid hormone which is essential for ... Endocrine disease hsa04918 Thyroid hormone synthesis
hsa04919 Thyroid hormone signaling pathway
(CHNG1) TSHR [HSA:7253] [KO:K04249]
(CHNG2) PAX8 [HSA:7849] [KO:K09293]
(CHNG4) TSHB [HSA:7252] [KO:K05251]
(CHNG5) NKX2-5 [HSA:1482] [KO:K09345]
(CHNG6) THRA [HSA:7067] [KO:K05547]
(CHNG7) TRHR [HSA:7201] [KO:K04282]
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