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H00020 Colorectal cancer Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second largest cause of cancer-related deaths in Western countries. CRC arises from the colorectal epithelium as a result of the accumulation of genetic alterations in defined ... Cancer hsa05210 Colorectal cancer (HNPCC) MLH1 [HSA:4292] [KO:K08734]
(HNPCC) MLH3 [HSA:27030] [KO:K08739]
(HNPCC) MSH2 [HSA:4436] [KO:K08735]
(HNPCC) MSH6 [HSA:2956] [KO:K08737]
(HNPCC) TGFBR2 [HSA:7048] [KO:K04388]
(FAP) APC [HSA:324] [KO:K02085]
(FAP) MSH3 [HSA:4437] [KO:K08736]
(PPAP) POLD1 [HSA:5424] [KO:K02327]
(PPAP) POLE [HSA:5426] [KO:K02324]
DCC [HSA:1630] [KO:K06765]
KRAS [HSA:3845] [KO:K07827]
GALNT12 [HSA:79695] [KO:K00710]
SMAD7 [HSA:4092] [KO:K19631]
SMAD4 [HSA:4089] [KO:K04501]
SMAD2 [HSA:4087] [KO:K04500]
BAX [HSA:581] [KO:K02159]
AXIN2 [HSA:8313] [KO:K04385]
BRAF [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
CCND1 [HSA:595] [KO:K04503]
CHEK2 [HSA:11200] [KO:K06641]
CTNNB1 [HSA:1499] [KO:K02105]
FLCN [HSA:201163] [KO:K09594]
PIK3CA [HSA:5290] [KO:K00922]
TP53 [HSA:7157] [KO:K04451]
BUB1 [HSA:699] [KO:K02178]
BUB1B [HSA:701] [KO:K06637]
AURKA [HSA:6790] [KO:K11481]
EGF (overexpression) [HSA:1950] [KO:K04357]
TGFA (overexpression) [HSA:7039] [KO:K08774]
EREG (overexpression) [HSA:2069] [KO:K09784]
AREG (overexpression) [HSA:374] [KO:K09782]
H00093 Combined immunodeficiency The term combined immunodeficiency (CID) is used to distinguish patients with low, but not absent, T-cell function from those with severe CID (SCID) characterized by profound deficiencies of T- and B-cell ... Primary immunodeficiency CD40LG (TNFSF5) [HSA:959] [KO:K03161]
CD40 [HSA:958] [KO:K03160]
PNP [HSA:4860] [KO:K03783]
(IMD6) IL2RG [HSA:3561] [KO:K05070]
(IMD9) ORAI1 [HSA:84876] [KO:K16056]
(IMD10) STIM1 [HSA:6786] [KO:K16059]
(IMD11) CARD11 [HSA:84433] [KO:K07367]
(IMD12) MALT1 [HSA:10892] [KO:K07369]
(IMD15) IKBKB [HSA:3551] [KO:K07209]
(IMD16) TNFRSF4 [HSA:7293] [KO:K05142]
(IMD17) CD3G [HSA:917] [KO:K06452]
(IMD22) LCK [HSA:3932] [KO:K05856]
(IMD24) CTPS1 [HSA:1503] [KO:K01937]
(IMD37) BCL10 [HSA:8915] [KO:K07368]
(IMD40) DOCK2 [HSA:1794] [KO:K12367]
(IMD48) ZAP70 [HSA:7535] [KO:K07360]
(IMD50) MSN [HSA:4478] [KO:K05763]
(IMD55) GINS1 [HSA:9837] [KO:K10732]
(IMD59) HYOU1 [HSA:10525] [KO:K09486]
(IMD71) ARPC1B [HSA:10095] [KO:K05757]
(IMD85) TOM1 [HSA:10043] [KO:K26401]
(IMD97) PIK3CG [HSA:5294] [KO:K21289]
(IMD110) STK4 [HSA:6789] [KO:K04411]
(IMD112) MAP3K14 [HSA:9020] [KO:K04466]
(IMD116) CD8A [HSA:925] [KO:K06458]
(IMD119) ICOSLG [HSA:23308] [KO:K06710]
(IMD120) POLD1 [HSA:5424] [KO:K02327]
H01623 MDPL syndrome
Mandibular hypoplasia, deafness, progeroid features, and lipodystrophy syndrome
... hypoplasia, deafness, progeroid features, and lipodystrophy (MDPL) syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant systemic disorder recently described. It has been reported that mutations in POLD1 cause this disease. Congenital malformation POLD1 [HSA:5424] [KO:K02327]
H02568 Polymerase proofreading-associated polyposis ... (PPAP) is an autosomal dominant cancer syndrome caused by germline variants in the exonuclease domains of POLD1 and POLE. PPAP is characterized by oligo adenomatous polyposis and increased risk of colorectal ... Cancer POLD1 [HSA:5424] [KO:K02327]
POLE [HSA:5426] [KO:K02324]
H02749 Bleeding disorder vascular-type ... atypical bleeding diathesis despite unaltered platelet function. It has been reported that mutations in APOLD1 cause this disease. APOLD1 encodes apolipoprotein L domain-containing 1, which was recently identified ... Hematologic disease APOLD1 [HSA:81575]
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