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H00294 Dilated cardiomyopathy Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a heart muscle disease characterised by dilation and impaired contraction of the left or both ventricles that results in progressive heart failure and sudden cardiac death ... Cardiovascular disease hsa05414 Dilated cardiomyopathy (CMD1A) LMNA [HSA:4000] [KO:K12641]
(CMD1C) LDB3 [HSA:11155] [KO:K19867]
(CMD1D) TNNT2 [HSA:7139] [KO:K12045]
(CMD1E) SCN5A [HSA:6331] [KO:K04838]
(CMD1G) TTN [HSA:7273] [KO:K12567]
(CMD1I) DES [HSA:1674] [KO:K07610]
(CMD1J) EYA4 [HSA:2070] [KO:K17622]
(CMD1L) SGCD [HSA:6444] [KO:K12563]
(CMD1M) CSRP3 [HSA:8048] [KO:K09377]
(CMD1N) TCAP [HSA:8557] [KO:K19879]
(CMD1O) ABCC9 [HSA:10060] [KO:K05033]
(CMD1P) PLN [HSA:5350] [KO:K05852]
(CMD1R) ACTC1 [HSA:70] [KO:K12314]
(CMD1S) MYH7 [HSA:4625] [KO:K17751]
(CMD1U) PSEN1 [HSA:5663] [KO:K04505]
(CMD1V) PSEN2 [HSA:5664] [KO:K04522]
(CMD1W) VCL [HSA:7414] [KO:K05700]
(CMD1X) FKTN [HSA:2218] [KO:K19872]
(CMD1Y) TPM1 [HSA:7168] [KO:K10373]
(CMD1Z) TNNC1 [HSA:7134] [KO:K05865]
(CMD1AA) ACTN2 [HSA:88] [KO:K21073]
(CMD1BB) DSG2 [HSA:1829] [KO:K07597]
(CMD1CC) NEXN [HSA:91624] [KO:K23918]
(CMD1DD) RBM20 [HSA:282996] [KO:K24052]
(CMD1EE) MYH6 [HSA:4624] [KO:K17751]
(CMD1FF/CMD2A) TNNI3 [HSA:7137] [KO:K12044]
(CMD1GG) SDHA [HSA:6389] [KO:K00234]
(CMD1HH) BAG3 [HSA:9531] [KO:K09557]
(CMD1II) CRYAB [HSA:1410] [KO:K09542]
(CMD1JJ) LAMA4 [HSA:3910] [KO:K06241]
(CMD1KK) MYPN [HSA:84665] [KO:K22028]
(CMD1LL) PRDM16 [HSA:63976] [KO:K22410]
(CMD1MM) MYBPC3 [HSA:4607] [KO:K12568]
(CMD1NN) RAF1 [HSA:5894] [KO:K04366]
(CMD1OO) VEZF1 [HSA:7716] [KO:K26610]
(CMD2B) GATAD1 [HSA:57798] [KO:K23407]
(CMD2C) PPCS [HSA:79717] [KO:K01922]
(CMD2D) RPL3L [HSA:6123] [KO:K02925]
(CMD2E) JPH2 [HSA:57158] [KO:K19530]
(CMD2F) BAG5 [HSA:9529] [KO:K09559]
(CMD2G) LMOD2 [HSA:442721] [KO:K22030]
(CMD2H) GET3 [HSA:439] [KO:K01551]
(CMD2I) CAP2 [HSA:10486] [KO:K17261]
(CMD2J) FLII [HSA:2314] [KO:K27496]
(CMD2K) MYZAP [HSA:100820829] [KO:K22031]
(CMD3B) DMD [HSA:1756] [KO:K10366]
(BTHS) TAZ [HSA:6901] [KO:K13511]
HLA-DRB1 [HSA:3123] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DPA1 [HSA:3113] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DPB1 [HSA:3115] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DQA1 [HSA:3117] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DQB1 [HSA:3119] [KO:K06752]
H00523 Noonan syndrome and related disorders Noonan syndrome comprises genetically heterogeneous disorders that usually include postnatally reduced growth, distinctive facial dysmorphic features, and congenital heart defects and related disorders ... Congenital malformation (NS1/LPRD1) PTPN11 [HSA:5781] [KO:K07293]
(NS3/CFC2) KRAS [HSA:3845] [KO:K07827]
(NS4) SOS1 [HSA:6654] [KO:K03099]
(NS5/LPRD2) RAF1 [HSA:5894] [KO:K04366]
(NS6) NRAS [HSA:4893] [KO:K07828]
(NS7/LPRD3/CFC1) BRAF [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
(NS8) RIT1 [HSA:6016] [KO:K07832]
(NS9) SOS2 [HSA:6655] [KO:K03099]
(NS10) LZTR1 [HSA:8216] [KO:K23330]
(CFC3) MAP2K1 [HSA:5604] [KO:K04368]
(CFC4) MAP2K2 [HSA:5605] [KO:K04369]
(CS) HRAS [HSA:3265] [KO:K02833]
(NFNS) NF1 [HSA:4763] [KO:K08052]
(NSLH1) SHOC2 [HSA:8036] [KO:K19613]
(NSLH2) PPP1CB [HSA:5500] [KO:K06269]
(CBL) CBL [HSA:867] [KO:K04707]
H01738 Noonan syndrome Noonan syndrome (NS) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterised by short stature, craniofacial dysmorphism, congenital cardiac defects, cryptorchidism in men, coagulation defects, and neurocognitive ... Congenital malformation (NS1) PTPN11 [HSA:5781] [KO:K07293]
(NS3) KRAS [HSA:3845] [KO:K07827]
(NS4) SOS1 [HSA:6654] [KO:K03099]
(NS5) RAF1 [HSA:5894] [KO:K04366]
(NS6) NRAS [HSA:4893] [KO:K07828]
(NS7) BRAF [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
(NS8) RIT1 [HSA:6016] [KO:K07832]
(NS9) SOS2 [HSA:6655] [KO:K03099]
(NS10) LZTR1 [HSA:8216] [KO:K23330]
(NS11) MRAS [HSA:22808] [KO:K07831]
(NS12) RRAS2 [HSA:22800] [KO:K07830]
(NS13) MAPK1 [HSA:5594] [KO:K04371]
(NS14) SPRED2 [HSA:200734] [KO:K04703]
H01984 Leopard syndrome ... Approximately 90% of LEOPARD syndrome cases are caused by missense mutations in the PTPN11 gene which encodes the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2. But it may also be caused by mutations in RAF1 or BRAF. Congenital malformation (LPRD1) PTPN11 [HSA:5781] [KO:K07293]
(LPRD2) RAF1 [HSA:5894] [KO:K04366]
(LPRD3) BRAF [HSA:673] [KO:K04365]
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