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Genome information

T numberT30869
Org codeT30869
Full nameT30869
DefinitionTara Oceans sample - 57_SRF_0d2-3
"Mean_Date"="6/27/10 12:07"
"Mean_Pressure_Digiquartz [db]"="5.5"
"Mean_Depth [salt water, m]"="5.56225"
"Mean_Temperature [ITS-90, deg C]"="26.965433"
"Mean_Salinity [PSU]"="35.05375"
"Mean_Oxygen, adjusted [umol/Kg]"="190.05375"
"Mean_Nitrates, adjusted [umol/L]"="NA"
"Mean_Chloro HPLC adjusted [mg Chl/m3]"="0.085544"
"Mean_Angular scattering coef, at 117, 470 nm, adj in situ dark [m-1 Sr-1]"="NA"
"Mean_bbp470, adj in situ dark [m-1]"="NA"
"Mean_Fcdom, factory [ppb QSE]"="NA"
"Mean_beam attenuation coef, 660 nm, adjusted deep zero [m-1]"="NA"
"Mean Depth MLD Sigma (m)"="52"
"Mean Depth Max Fluo (m)"="57"
"Mean Depth Max N2 (m)"="142"
"Mean Depth Max O2 (m)"="28"
"Mean Depth Min O2 (m)"="999"
"Mean Depth Nitracline (m)"="127"
"FLAG SEASON 1-4 (Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter)"="4"
"SEASON PART 1-3 (early middle late)"="1"
"NO2 [umol/L]"="0.02"
"PO4 [umol/L]"="0"
"NO2NO3 [umol/L]"="0"
"SI [umol/L]"="2.81"
Data sourceTara
Original DBTara
Other DBsEBI-ENA: ERR599058
PANGAEA: TARA_B000000565
StatisticsNumber of nucleotides: 205496448

Number of protein genes: 376777
Phylum distribution: