KEGG Biosynthesis of enediyne antibiotics - Reference pathway
Scale: 100%
  • Pathway modules
    • Biosynthesis of terpenoids and polyketides
      • Enediyne biosynthesis
        • M00824 9-membered enediyne core biosynthesis
        • M00825 10-membered enediyne core biosynthesis
        • M00826 C-1027 benzoxazolinate moiety biosynthesis
        • M00827 C-1027 beta-amino acid moiety biosynthesis
        • M00828 Maduropeptin beta-hydroxy acid moiety biosynthesis
        • M00829 3,6-Dimethylsalicylyl-CoA biosynthesis
        • M00830 Neocarzinostatin naphthoate moiety biosynthesis
        • M00831 Kedarcidin 2-hydroxynaphthoate moiety biosynthesis
        • M00832 Kedarcidin 2-aza-3-chloro-beta-tyrosine moiety biosynthesis
        • M00834 Calicheamicin orsellinate moiety biosynthesis
        • M00833 Calicheamicin biosynthesis