KEGG Search

KEGG This mode accepts the KEGG identifier to retrieve the corresponding entry. The identifier may be in the form of a database-dependent prefix followed by a five-digit number, such as C00002 for ATP, or in the form of db:entry, such as hsa:7157 or hsa:TP53 for human p53. When the search term does not match any of the KEGG identifiers, a keyword search is performed by DBGET. This is equivalent to the DBGET search below.
DBGET This mode performs the DBGET search against the entire KEGG database. See more details in Searching KEGG.
MEDICUS This mode is the default in the KEGG MEDICUS page. A keyword search is performed against KEGG PATHWAY, KEGG DISEASE, and KEGG DRUG relational databases (see RDB search in Searching KEGG), as well as FDA Drug labels for both prescription and OTC drugs in the DailyMed database.