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br08303 + Drug to target

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br08319 + Drug to target
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Join Brite is a different type of BRITE mapping tool, which may be viewed as adding a new column to the existing BRITE hierarchy or table file. This is done by combining a BRITE file with a binary relation file consisting of objects (such as drugs) and attributes (such as their targets), which is is similar to the JOIN operation in relational database. The objects are specified by the following KEGG identifiers followed by tab-delimited attributes in a relation file.

Database Prefix Category KEGG identifier
Brite hierarchy ko Genes and proteins K number
br Organisms and cells KEGG organism code
br Diseases and drugs H/D/E numbers
br Compounds and reactions C/G/R numbers
Brite table br Drugs D numbers

Last updated: July 1, 2019